Heatz 8-in-1 Multi Functional Cleaner Kit: Your Comprehensive Solution to Tech Device Hygiene

Heatz 8-in-1 Multi Functional Cleaner Kit

Keeping your tech devices clean and in top condition is now easier than ever with the Heatz 8-in-1 Multi Functional Cleaner Kit. This comprehensive cleaning kit offers a wide range of tools and functionalities to ensure that your gadgets stay pristine, inside and out.

The kit’s versatility is immediately apparent with its innovative design, which includes a movable transparent cover that doubles as a mobile phone holder. This not only adds functionality but also makes it a convenient addition to any workspace or home.

When it comes to cleaning keyboards, the Heatz kit shines with its specialized tools. A retractable moderate soft and hard brush, along with a hidden keycap puller, ensure professional-grade cleaning, while the large brush effortlessly tackles hard-to-reach areas under the keys.


But the kit doesn’t stop there; it extends its cleaning prowess to screens, TWS, and beyond. The inclusion of a hidden sprayer adds a layer of convenience, making it easier to apply the cleaning solution precisely where needed. The built-in spray design ensures that you have enough cleaning solution for multiple uses, whether it’s for laptops, phones, iPads, or computer screens.

Pairing the sprayer with high-end microfiber polishing cloths ensures effective removal of dust and fingerprints from screens without leaving lint or residue. Additionally, the kit includes fiber cloth and flannel cloth, both soft enough not to scratch screens, complementing the microfiber cloth for a thorough cleaning experience.

When it comes to TWS and their charging cases, the Heatz kit has you covered with dedicated cleaning tools. Brushes of varying sizes, along with a flocking sponge, ensure thorough cleaning without damaging these delicate devices.

At an MRP of INR 999, this cleaning kit offers excellent value for money considering the range of tools and functionalities it provides. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, a professional working with gadgets, or simply someone who values cleanliness in their devices, the Heatz 8-in-1 Multi Functional Cleaning Kit is a worthy investment.


The Heatz 8-in-1 Multi Functional Cleaning Kit impresses with its versatility, convenience, and effectiveness in maintaining the cleanliness of various tech devices. With its comprehensive set of tools, innovative design, and thoughtful inclusion of a hidden sprayer, it’s sure to become an essential companion for anyone looking to keep their gadgets spotless.

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