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How having good storage may significantly improve your PC gaming experience


Mr. Rajesh Khurana- Country Manager- Consumer Business for BIWIN

According to studies, the Indian gaming market, which was valued at USD 2.8 billion in 2022, is predicted to reach USD 5 billion by 2025. Additionally, the country has 420 million gamers in 2022, and this number is expected to increase significantly in the next few years. Even though the majority of Indians prefer playing games on their phones, genuine gamers always find PC games to be more immersive and compelling. Players can select a wide range of gaming accessories thanks to a larger screen and improved personalization choices. Additionally, for those who are true gaming nerds, keyboards, microphones, and controllers work perfectly with gaming PCs.

For infinite hours of uninterrupted gaming, a genuine gamer has to make sure their PC is in top shape. To build a gaming PC, the appropriate components must be used, and they must also be affordable. While an LED screen and graphic card will guarantee that your images are of the highest HD quality, you can also add extras like a gaming mouse, keyboard, microphone, and game controllers. Additionally essential are stereo headphones or speakers.

But storage—the most crucial component of gaming—must not be overlooked. A gaming PC must have 500 GB of storage at the very least. High storage capacity is essential because it allows the computer to save the game’s useful data, which is necessary for a game to run smoothly. The performance of the game may suffer and the frame rate will lag if the storage capacity is insufficient. This ruins the user’s entire experience to the point that a gamer may become so annoyed that they stop playing altogether for a while. If your PC doesn’t have adequate capacity, consider updating it or using cloud storage to store your media files.

The best course of action for speeding up a sluggish computer is to add more storage. But whether you decide to upgrade your memory or storage will depend on the issues your computer is having and the speed gains you want to get. If you have an outdated PC, the first update you should make is to switch out the hard drive for an SSD, which offers additional capacity. Because SSDs take less power to operate, they extend battery life. This has an affect on how long batteries last as well. By doing this easy step, you may also increase the speed of the device, reducing the boot time from 30 to 40 seconds with a hard drive to 10 to 13 seconds. Additionally, it will decrease the time needed to load and access data. Of course, this will also free up additional space for game storage and saving.

The best solution would be to upgrade and enhance PC speed by adding extra storage when you are experiencing a substantial slowdown of the laptop or computer, especially your gaming PCs. Consider various options for enhancing and upgrading the performance of your PC rather than purchasing a new one. The simplest and least expensive approach to increase your PC’s performance and ensure a glitch-free gaming experience is to simply upgrade the storage. Enjoy your games with your refreshed PC while relaxing on that cosy couch.

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