HyLyt maximizes Customer offering through integrated Calendar Inputs


HyLyt, a technology business collaboration start-up has come up with innovative technology that can integrate the saved calendar inputs through data and content management. This innovation comes in extension to the integration of data saved in cloud that the app designed in its last technology update.
Now the search engine of the app, using key words and advanced search techniques, will be able to read the calendar entries also along with cloud integrated data, pictures, video clips and normal file formats.

This is in continuation with the upgraded service being provided by the app, through which it can optimize its search options and converge similar information with multiple conditions on real time basis, thus providing search options across different file formats for fourteen different search criterions, which is a missing parameter in most of the similar platforms available currently.

Rajat Singhania, Founder of SocioRAC, HyLyt said, “HyLyt aims to create a perfect ecosystem for the entrepreneurs and techies on the go, by creating a comprehensive save and search mechanism. Information management is becoming extremely difficult as we reduce dependency on the paper world and generate huge data every hour of our work.


When an optimized search engine can look at all the saved files in any kind of format, it really helps the users save on time and do better data management.” “Our latest offering is where we have been able integrate the calendar entries also with the search engine. Every such roll out will be a value addition for the users and we hope to continue to innovate in order to add value to the users of HyLyt. Technology is evolving every day and HyLyt is designed not to replace your current systems or other software, but to integrate and interlink the information saved in each of these products when we use them,” Singhania added.

HyLyt is a knowledge management platform, originating in India enabled with superior technology to be able to gather data from all sources like chatbox, video calls, messages, files in cloud and calendars. It can create meeting notes and pull out information for tagged search criterions as required and also help corporates prevent data leakage happening today.

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