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India’s Hopcharge creates World’s first on-demand, fast EV charging service at your doorstep


India is witnessing a slow Electric Vehicle adoption but an even slower growth in the EV charging infrastructure. Despite the growth in the sales of 2 and 3-W EVs in India, there has not been significant growth in the charging infrastructure. There are only ~1000 EV charging facilities available in India.

Worldwide companies are trying to solve the EV charging problem, and one element of the solution is to mimic gasoline refueling time as its behavioural change for EV adopters. Hopcharge has addressed this challenge as they are the world’s first on-demand, Doorstep EV charging service company backed with its patented (USA and India) technology. The company provides plug-and-play energy on demand and rather a better refuelling experience for EV owners as we charge when EV owners are doing other productive things.

Hopcharge complements existing infra and avoids expensive grid upgrades and eventually makes true EV charging cost affordable. They have created a proprietary energy pod that has a lithium ion-based energy storage coupled with a rapid charger, which can charge EVs at the same speed as a Public fast charger. This innovative charging system includes connected and portable power banks with  high  power charging capabilities specifically designed for EVs.


Hopcharge has deployed their own hardware  (mobile,  modular,  and  plug  &  play), that  is  developed  from  scratch  for  this  specific  purpose  and complimented by a user mobile app (iOS and android) and supported by a technology enabled back end  energy   management   system  to  execute  the  end  to  end  process. These ePODs complement other fixed fast chargers and increase their utilisation. We believe in creating last mile EV charging convenient for the end user.

The users can avail of the service through the Android/iOS app supported by a technology-enabled back-end energy management system to execute the end-to-end process and supports all the EV models globally.

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