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Introducing Acer H PRO Series Televisions: Elevating the TV Viewing Experience with Immersive Sound

Acer H PRO Series Televisions

Indkal Technologies, launch of the highly anticipated Acer H PRO Series televisions which are upgrades on the greatly popular H series 4K-UHD models that were launched last year.

While the H Pro series like its predecessor is loaded with all the top end features such as Dolby Vision and Atmos, MEMC, 4K-Upscaling, WCG spectrum which gives 1.07 billion colours, the big headline on the product was the major upgrade on the speaker system and audio output. Acer H PRO series televisions now sport an ultra-strong True 76-Watt Pro unique speaker system with an introduction of dual amplifiers, dual tweeters and dual woofers in the hardware which makes the Acer H PRO series a one of its kind televisions in the market that delivers an unparalleled immersive sound experience along with a top end visual experience.

Another major improvement announced was on the software, Acer H PRO series now comes with Google TV™  built in over the Android 11 that was available on H series last year. The H PRO series comes in 43-inch, 50 inch and 55-inch sizes.


Immersive Sound Redefined

Delivering an unprecedented audio experience, each H PRO Series TV is equipped with a powerful and True 76-Watt speaker output. This means that viewers are completely immersed in their favourite movies, TV shows, or gaming sessions, with crystal-clear dialogue and rich soundscapes.

Unparalleled Sound Precision

Acer H PRO Series televisions also boasts advanced audio technology, including a dual amplifier for enhanced audio performance. This technology empowers the H PRO Series to generate dynamic and precise sound reproduction, delivering a lifelike audio experience.

Dual Woofers and Dual Tweeters

With a focus on delivering depth and clarity in sound, the H PRO Series features Dual woofers and Dual tweeters. This combination creates a perfectly balanced audio output, enriching the listening experience with detailed high frequencies and deep, resonating bass. From explosive action scenes to delicate musical compositions, every sonic moment becomes immersive and captivating.

Seamless Integration with Google TV™

Beyond its exceptional audio capabilities, Acer H PRO Series televisions seamlessly integrates with Google TV™. This intelligent platform provides an intuitive and personalized user experience, offering access to an extensive range of apps, content, and smart features. With Google TV™, viewers can effortlessly navigate through their favourite streaming services, control their smart home devices, and discover a world of entertainment at their fingertips.

The H PRO Series is the next chapter in the evolution of televisions as holistic audio-visual devices. For a long time, the audio in audio-visual was ignored and sound quality in televisions in most brands has remained just a call out. We disrupted that line of thought last year with the H series and found great success with a product that not only delivered amazing visual experience but an exceptional audio experience as well. With the launch of the H Pro series, we have taken the game to a whole new level. With the most advanced features and technology on picture quality, the introduction of an actual 76-Watt speaker system with precisely tuned amplifiers, woofers and tweeters, the experience of sound from the H Pro series will deliver a performance like no other television in the market” said, Anand Dubey, CEO & Founder, Indkal Technologies.

The Acer H PRO Series television are set to be a game-changer in the world of smart TVs, combining cutting-edge technology, exceptional audio performance, and intuitive functionality.

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