LUFTQI combined the concepts of personalization and photocatalyst technology to create a consumable-free and personal air shield


Rice Ear Ltd. is a Taiwanese electronics company founded in 2018 based on the spirit of “good air, anytime and everywhere.” Rice Ear Ltd. is a solution provider for allergy sufferers. The core technologies of the company  are semiconductor light source and photocatalyst process. and introduced our innovative photocatalyst purification technology to the world.

Rice Ear Ltd. cultivates faithful doer spirit and co-creation culture. Key activities are “Design- Brand-Marketing W.W.” and 100% Made-In-Taiwan. Branding “LUFQI” brings “Wellness on the go”.

LUFT, the German word for “air”. QI, the same pronunciation with “air” in Mandarin. “LUFTQI” brings “Good Life in Simplicity” and represents “Wellness on the Go.” The Co-Founders were inspired by experiences gained from working in the largest LED company in Taiwan. The portable air purifiers, ”LUFT Cube” and “LUFT Duo” were created for allergy sufferers’ well-being. LUFTQI combined the concepts of personalization and photocatalyst technology to create a consumable-free and personal air shield.

DeviceNext interacted with Co- Founders about LUFTQI technology,  its latest solutions and LUFT DUO Portable Air Purifiers.

Titus-Chang-Morgan-SongLatest Offerings:

Our new product we launch in 2021 is called “LUFT Duo – Portable Air Purifier ( Enhanced Edition ).” LUFT Duo has been invented and designed as smallest and consumable-free air purifier that combines two technologies: “Electro-static dust collection” and “Photo-catalysis” to clean the air we breathe.

* Anti-bacterial Metal Mesh: Newly engineered low surface energy and anti-bacteria treatment makes stainless steel mesh “easy to clean” and “no consumable needed”.
* Electro-static dust collection: Producing 20 million ions at all times allow PM2.5/PM10 to be actively trapped in the metal mesh. This novel approach works effectively for droplet infection in epidemic routine.
* Photocatalyst to decompose: We developed revolutionary photocatalysis nanotechnology to break down and destroy VOCs, bacteria, pollen which are allergic factors.

How LUFTQI  products helps consumers in various home and office environment.

The perfect size to fit into your bag and designed to blend into your personal space, LUFT Duo does not just look pretty, it also works well within a variety of surroundings:

  • In the bedroom: LUFT Duo helps relieve asthma & allergies.
  • At the office: Enjoy your own fresh personal space.
  • In the car: Remove odors and cigarette smoke in the vehicle.
  • While traveling: LUFT Duo travels light and is great in hotels.
  • In the bathroom: Remove embarrassing odors anytime.
  • Parents with a newborn: Protect your newborn from pollutants.

Elaborate about your smart technology inside every LUFTQI Product.

Out key technology is “Photocatlyst”. Take LUFT Duo as an example:

LUFT Duo’s purification chamber consists of solid-state UV LEDs and two different patented photo-catalyst. The ZnO photocatalyst helps out NOx & SOx toxics air from fusel outgas. Purification Chamber needs only 2.0 Watt to trigger electrons- electron holes movement forming OH radicals and super Oxygen substances adhered on surface of photocatalyst which is the only technology killing viruses. The mechanism of purification chamber enables filterless, compact and low power consumption design, which benefits user-experiences and design flexibility. Thus, LUFT Duo destroys pollutants, not just filter it out. Solving air pollutants through decomposing and destroying, but no filtering out, is key benefit of LUFT Duo.

Tell us about  LUFTQI ‘s world’s first portable filterless purifier.

LUFT Duo – Portable Air Purifier (Enhanced Edition)

LUFT Duo purified air down to the molecule for those of us who are sensitive to pollen, smoke, and dust.Its patented SSP technology enables the compact machine to decompose and destroy VOCs, allergens, odors and bacteria which makes it the best air purifier for allergies and for your personal spaces. It’s small and mighty:

  • Nanotech: With UVA LED, SSP is more effective than HEPA when neutralizing pollutants.
  • No consumables: No consumable replacement required.
  • No Setup: Plug-n-play with one-touch power on/off.
  • Energy Efficient: Powered by USB type-C costs less than $2 per year to operate.
  • Eco-Friendly: No ozone produced.
  • Wellness On the Go: Compact and portable, enjoy fresh air even on the go.

What makes LUFTQI different from the existing solutions in the market?

Customers suffers from Allergy and Asthma still but there are no free consumables & efficient air treatment in their real daily living conditions. LUFTQI is the solution for allergy sufferers. LUFTQI is served for people staying in the office working, in the bedroom sleeping, and in the car driving. These three major scenarios that people stays at same locations for longest time in a day, and there is no existing solutions working. LUFTQI creates a good air shield around users. Unlike HEPA, Ion & Ozone, Carbone, LUFTQI adapts SPP Technology (SPP, Semiconductor Photocatalysis Purification) to decompose Volatile Organic Vapors (VOCs) & Smell, and destroy virus, bacteria, fungus, and mold. LUFTQI redefines the way of air purifications, and purified air down to the molecule. LUFTQI is person centric air purifier to keep safe longest hours in a day. No more expensive consumables cost and just USD 2 electricity cost for a 7-24 operation. LUFTQI got accolades like Taiwan Excellence 2020 & 2021, CES Innovation Award in 2020 and SNQ 2021. We are selling in more that 70 countries and got exclusive Invention patents and design patent.

Keeping India in Mind

LUFTQI is designed to be no maintenance cost that needs no consumables/filters replacement. Moreover, LUFTQI is designed as energy-saving (2 USD/year cost for electricity) and supporting to operate by power-pack (5V). The benefits of cost per maintenance and mobility are perfect for India market and the way of daily life in India.

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