Mobilla Giving IPL Whole New Meaning!


For Indian brands, the Indian Premier League (IPL) tournament is more than just a game. It’s a marketing opportunity that promises to reach millions of viewers across the country. The IPL has become a cultural phenomenon in India, drawing in huge crowds both in-person and online. With the tournament’s immense popularity, Indian brands are now leveraging the IPL as a platform to showcase their products and services and to connect with their target audience in a unique and engaging way.  

Like many other brands, Mobilla has taken the IPL time of the year as a marketing opportunity to connect with the Indian audience and promote make them believe how its latest products are designed and built to enable the user streaming IPL matches more immersive and how its products easily integrate into the day-to-day lives of the user. 

This IPL season, in its marketing campaign, Mobilla redefined the ‘IPL’ abbreviation as Innovate Play/Power/Pulse/Performance/Perfection Live, with which the brand aims to make its audience understand how one shouldn’t lose track of the innovative side and start playing the game of life in the most unique way to live life to the fullest! 


Under its IPL social media campaign, Mobilla promoted the following products which enable users with an active lifestyle.

MGrip – Mobile Holders

Mobilla has also introduced a new range of smartphone holders with the MGrip product range. These holders are designed to provide the user with a secure and comfortable viewing angle, allowing them to mount their devices in a suitable position while engaging in other activities.  

The MGrip series comprises several variants that cater to different environments, including table mount, car mount, and bike mount. It ensures that your smartphone is within easy reach and safely secured, providing a hassle-free user experience.  

Mobilla successfully launched its all-new range of products, showcasing the usability and features of MGrip through its IPL campaign.

MBuds – TWS Earbuds

MBuds is Mobilla’s range of TWS earbuds, designed and developed to allow the user to connect with music whenever and wherever. Its ergonomic and comfortable fitting paired with its water-resistant and sweat-proof built quality allows the users to even use these earbuds in wet environments like when it is drizzling outside or while doing an intensive and sweaty workout, without worrying about any water damage.  

These earbuds offer an exceptional audio output with the latest wireless technology and 10mm drivers. Some of these TWS earbuds variants are enabled with environmental noise cancellation (ENG), active noise cancellation (ANC) and low latency features.  

MBuds are one of the top choices for someone looking for TWS earbuds for streaming IPL matches and otherwise as well.

MBuddy – Wireless Neckbands

Mobilla’s MBuddy range of wireless neckbands offers comfortable and sporty fitting, allowing the user to carry their music around their neck. Enabled with the latest Bluetooth version, these produce crystal clear audio output and with their lightweight design and water-resistant and sweat-proof built quality, these earphones are fit for easy usage.  

Built with an aim to enable users to connect with music, attend calls or use voice assistance, these earphones have an in-line audio controller, and built-in microphone and are powered by powerful batteries offering playtime of up to 100 hours. 

Considering how the IPL season brings out the sporty side in everyone, through its marketing campaign, Mobilla has placed its wireless neckband correctly, showing the audience MBuddy can be a pair of the user’s daily routine and play a role in boosting their performance.

MPower – Portable Power Banks

With its MPower range of portable power banks, Mobilla ensures that its users never run out of power on their mobile devices, gadgets and accessories, understanding the dependency every individual has on them.

The MPower power banks, come with battery capacity ranging from 10,000mAh to 30,000mAh and are equipped with multiple power output ports that allow the user to charge multiple devices simultaneously. Furthermore, these are also enabled with fast charging and PD charging, reducing the required time to fully charge devices. 

Through its IPL campaign, Mobilla has showcased how its MPower range of power banks, can be a useful accessory to live an active lifestyle and stay powered, all along.

Linker – Charge & Sync Cables

Mobilla’s range of charge and sync cables fall under its Linker range of cables. These cables are designed with premium materials to enhance their durability and extend their lifespan. With support for high-speed data transfer and fast charging, Linker cables are available in Micro USB, USB Type-C, and Lightning USB variants. 

Additionally, they come in a range of cable lengths, from 250mm to 1500mm, catering to users’ varied preferences. This latest offering from Mobilla is set to revolutionize the charging and syncing experience for its customers.

Mobilla’s marketing campaign aims to educate customers on the importance of checking a charge & sync cable’s rated current, built quality, and length before purchasing. The campaign emphasizes the necessity of these factors for safe usage, as customers often overlook them.

“At Mobilla, we are always seeking out new marketing opportunities to enhance our brand image in the market and showcase the value our products bring to our users’ lives. With the IPL season being a major event in our country, we took advantage of this opportunity to highlight how Mobilla products can improve the lives of our users.” – Mr Vishal Gupta, Chief Marketing Officer, Mobilla.

“Over the years, IPL’s popularity has massively grown in India, and we at Mobilla came up with an idea to give the ‘IPL’ abbreviation a whole new meaning and promote how our products enable our users to live an innovative lifestyle, Har Pal Ke Liye!” – Mr Sachin Sharma, Chief Creative Officer, Mobilla.

Mobilla, the leading Indian brand for mobile accessories and lifestyle products, has been revolutionizing the market with its innovative products that combine the latest technology and trending designs. The brand’s mission is to enable its users to lead an active lifestyle, without compromising on style or functionality. From wireless earphones to smartwatches, Mobilla’s products are designed to enhance the user’s experience and make their lives easier. With a focus on quality and affordability, Mobilla has quickly become a go-to brand for tech-savvy users who want the best in mobile accessories and lifestyle products.

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