OnePlus 12R goes global as the ultimate 2024 performance flagship

OnePlus 12R

OnePlus has unleashed upon the world the OnePlus 12R, the ultimate 2024 performance flagship device, at its Smooth Beyond Belief launch event in front of 3,000 fans in New Delhi. Combining the best parts of the OnePlus 12 with the focused performance-led ethos of the OnePlus R Series, the OnePlus 12R is the first R Series device to launch outside of India and will go on sale on TBC DATE for TBC PRICE.

 “Our users in India love our OnePlus R Series, so I can’t wait for them to get their hands on OnePlus 12R and see our latest performance-focused flagship,” said Kinder Liu, OnePlus President and COO. “And I’m truly thrilled that we can bring our OnePlus 12R to users in North America and Europe too as the first R Series device to launch in these markets. Everything we do is driven by our users and I know our worldwide community will be excited to try it too.”

OnePlus 12R is designed to be the ultimate place to play games in 2024 and is half of the OnePlus 12 Series, along with its stablemate the OnePlus 12, which has been a decade in the making and gives users the choice to pick what’s important for them on their next smartphone. Those looking for the best all-around smartphone can pick the stunning OnePlus 12, also unveiled at the Smooth Beyond Belief event, while those looking to focus on the best performance possible for high-end games and multi-tasking can opt for the OnePlus 12R, launching for the first time in North America, Europe and selected APAC markets, as well as China and India.


 Performance-led powerhouse

 The core of every OnePlus smartphone is fast and smooth software, and OnePlus 12R stays true to this belief with the all-new Trinity Engine at its heart. The Trinity Engine, which uses six OnePlus-developed technologies to deliver enhanced performance across the phone’s processor, memory and storage, makes the OnePlus 12R a gaming and multi-tasking monster. This unbeatable software is then combined with powerful hardware including the flagship Qualcomm® Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 chip, an octa-core 4 nanometre tuned to give the absolute best performance possible, as well as up to 16GB LPDDR5X RAM and 256GB UFS 4.0 storage.

All of this is housed inside the toughest phone body OnePlus has created, containing more aluminium than ever, and paired with a new industry-leading cooling system to keep the phone running in perfect condition no matter how intense the gaming session.

 Finally, the OnePlus 12R also comes equipped with the most advanced screen ever fitted to a OnePlus phone as well as the largest battery ever found inside a OnePlus phone, weighing in at a massive 5,500 mAh.

The most advanced display ever on a OnePlus phone

The front of the OnePlus 12R is dominated by a beautiful 6’.78” AMOLED 120Hz screen which combines upgraded brightness and colour levels with better-than-ever responsiveness. That’s due to the new LTPO 4.0 technology inside the screen which allows OnePlus 12R to change its refresh rate quicker and smarter than ever, helping prolong battery life while still giving better performance. 

LTPO technology works by recognising what your phone is doing and adapting the screen to give the best experience. So when a user is scrolling through photos in their gallery, their phone screen must use a fast 120Hz refresh rate to look as fast and smooth as only OnePlus phones can. However, when a phone is displaying a still image, scrolling slowly, or even playing a 60Hz movie, using a 120Hz refresh rate isn’t necessary and drains battery life needlessly. The LTPO 4.0 technology inside OnePlus 12R can detect the best refresh rate to use and switch to it faster than any other phone, as well as switch to precisely the right refresh rate, thus extending battery life while still giving fantastic performance.

As well as being the most advanced display ever, it’s also got everything you’d expect from a OnePlus screen. It has a 2780 x 1264 resolution and 450 pixels per inch with an A+ DisplayMate rating – during testing it set or matched 18 separate DisplayMate records – as well as supporting Dolby Vision and HDR 10+ and 10-bit colour. OnePlus 12R’s screen also boasts 4500 nits peak brightness and 1600 nits global maximum brightness, spread across 8192 separate levels, and comes protected with Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus® 2. OnePlus 12R is also one of the first phones ever to use its CPU to detect wetness on either your fingers or your screen and react accordingly to avoid mistouches or delayed reactions.

Best ever cooling, best ever battery

 Behind the screen sits the most advanced cooling system OnePlus has ever made, the Cryo-Velocity Cooling System. This system is made up of two vapour chambers, one large and one small. The small chamber absorbs heat directly from its source, such as the chipset, and evenly distributes the heat across the small chamber. The larger vapour chamber then absorbs the heat from the smaller chamber and lets it dissipate rapidly and cool down into liquid. Together these vapour chambers have a total area of 9140mm2, more than 76% bigger than the system inside OnePlus 11R. It’s also been constructed using a new type of graphite with over 1700W/mK thermal conductivity.

As well as leading the way in screen design and cooling technology, OnePlus 12R also takes the prize for the largest-ever battery to be fitted to a OnePlus phone, weighing in at 5,500mAh. And when it does eventually come time to charge the phone, thanks to 100W SUPERVOOC charging OnePlus 12R will go from 1-100% in just 26 minutes and get you back in the game in a flash.

And not just a flash in the pan either – OnePlus 12R features the SUPERVOOC S Charging Management Chip as well as proprietary Battery Health Engine technology to keep the battery in top condition for longer than ever. The SUPERVOOC S Chip kicks in when a user is charging and playing a high-end game at the same time, making sure there’s no disruption to either collecting power-ups or powering up the battery, while also working in the background to help optimise fast charging and battery usage.

Meanwhile, the Battery Health Engine technology inside OnePlus 12R means users will get a much longer life than on any competing device. OnePlus 12R has been tested to last up to 1600 cycles – more than four years of charging and fully discharging the battery every single day.

A super snappy camera

Just because OnePlus 12R has a performance focus, that doesn’t mean it can’t have a brilliant camera too. At the heart of OnePlus 12R’s camera is the Sony IMX890 50-megapixel sensor, widely regarded as the most consistent and high-performance sensor on the market, as well as some proprietary OnePlus photography algorithms designed to give great results at any time. OnePlus 12R also features a range of secondary camera lenses including a 112-degree ultrawide camera, a macro camera and a 16-megapixel front-facing camera – perfect for those moments where nothing beats a super wide shot or a super close shot.

A beautiful and hardened body

All these advancements come packed inside a stunning and strong body, available in either Cool Blue or Iron Gray colourways, both protected with more aluminium than ever and a solid metal frame. OnePlus 12R in Cool Blue features a glossy finish with a light, fresh appearance, while the Iron Gray OnePlus 12R has a matte feel to give a sophisticated and strong feeling. Both colourways also feature IP64 rating and the newly repositioned OnePlus Alert Slider. By switching the legendary slider to the left side of the phone instead of the traditional right side, OnePlus was able to change the position of OnePlus 12R’s antennas, helping to increase their performance when the phone is held in landscape orientation – perfect for mobile gaming – while still making sure the Alert Slider remains easy to reach.

Pricing and availability

The OnePlus 12R will be launched in two exciting variants, the 8/128 GB option which will be priced at INR 39,999 and the 16/256 GB option which will be priced at INR 45,999. OnePlus 12R will go on sale at 12:00 PM on 6th February

  • Customers can avail an instant bank discount of INR 1,000 with ICICI credit card and OneCard
  • Customers can also avail of a 6-month no-cost EMI through ICICI credit/debit card EMI and OneCard EMI.
  • Customers can also buy the OnePlus 12R with OnePlus Easy Upgrades and get 35% assured value at the end of the 24 months.
  • Customers purchasing the OnePlus 12R can avail benefits worth INR 2,250 on Jio Plus
  • OnePlus 12R users can link to RCC and avail a special coupon discount of INR 3,000 discount while purchasing the OnePlus Pad
  • Customers purchasing the OnePlus 12R will get a free trial of Google One for 6 months & YouTube Premium for 3 months. Find more details on
  • Eager users can also get their hands on a OnePlus Buds Z2 worth 4,999 with the purchase of the OnePlus 12R. Limited period offer.

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