Panasonic Redefines Smart Living with India’s First Matter-Enabled Room Air Conditioners

Panasonic-First Matter-Enabled Room Air Conditioners

Panasonic Life Solutions India (PLSIND) – a leading diversified technology company, today announced a ground-breaking advancement in the world of air conditioning by introducing India’s First Matter-Enabled Room Air Conditioners (RACs)* powered by Miraie. With this, Panasonic takes a significant leap in ensuring flexibility, and convenience for consumers in the smart appliances realm. Starting February 2024, the Panasonic range of Air Conditioners equipped with Matter protocol will be available across all leading outlets and e-commerce platforms in India right before the summer season. Matter is an open-source connectivity standard that enables seamless interoperability across smart devices.

Commenting on the announcement, Mr. Manish Sharma, Chairman, Panasonic Life Solutions India and South Asia, said, “At Panasonic, we have been launching products and technology in line with consumer insights. We find that our consumers use products of different brands, and each brand has a platform or an app to manage a particular appliance. Hence to make lives more convenient and comfortable for our consumers, we have integrated Matter, an open, universal standard, with our Miraie platform and introduced India’s first Matter-enabled Room Air Conditioners as the first product under this new range. So now a Panasonic Air Conditioner equipped with Matter technology can be managed using the Miraie platform or any other platform that is Matter compatible. Similarly, any other Room Air Conditioner brand that is compatible with Matter can also be controlled through the Miraie platform. This is indeed a big breakthrough in consumer tech space.”

Sharing his thoughts, Mr. Manish Misra, Chief Innovation Officer, Panasonic Life Solutions India, said, “Our vision is to bring innovation to elevate the daily living of our consumers through smart technology. We launched Miraie – our smart home platform in 2020 and we have seen 70% of our Air Conditioner consumers using the platform. And now we are taking the Miraie platform to the next level by making it Matter-compatible and introducing India’s first range of Matter enabled Room Air Conditioners. India Innovation Centre has been at the forefront of many innovations at Panasonic and with Matter, we have done extensive testing and are delighted to provide our consumers with an upgraded Miraie platform that provides inter-operability and is simple to use, reliable and secure.”


Mr. Fumiyasu Fujimori, Managing Director, PMIN, Panasonic Life Solutions India, “At Panasonic, we are driven by our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and customer experience. Our new line of Matter-enabled Air Conditioners exemplifies this commitment and empowers our customers with futuristic and efficient solutions. Panasonic Air Conditioners will not only provide a more convenient and integrated living experience but also contribute to reducing energy consumption. By seamlessly connecting with other Matter-certified devices and platforms, they will facilitate a smarter and more efficient use of energy, optimizing comfort while minimizing environmental impact.”

Consumers can control their Matter-enabled air conditioners through the Miraie app, an innovative platform designed to enhance the connected living experience. Miraie’s compatibility with Matter reflects Panasonic’s commitment to providing consumers with a futureproof, smart and connected experience to enhance daily living. In near future. with Miraie, users can seamlessly control and monitor a wide range of smart appliances, including air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, and more irrespective of the brand.

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