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Party Hard Using Mobilla’s Clubber 104


The winter season brings along the festive season, with Christmas just around the corner!

This is an exciting time of the year when everyone is holding on to festive and celebratory vibes with all the jingling, joy and excitement in the air. The cold and chilly weather, during this time of the year further adds to your festive spirit and desire to celebrate!

It goes without saying that you cannot enjoy and celebrate without having music along with you and that’s exactly where Mobilla’s wireless party speaker, Clubber 104, comes into the picture.


Audio Output:
Winner celebrations and parties call for a lot of gatherings, where you meet your friends and family.

It is impossible to imagine these meets without any music to dance off the joy and excitement.
Clubber 104 is a 40W speaker with an inbuilt 8” X2 woofer which blasts loud music with added bass ensuring everyone at your party can feel the beat which is being played and feel the music deep in their body and soul.

You can even pair two Clubber 104 together and double the audio output. This party speaker’s loud music will ensure that your guests leave with a memorable experience, every time they visit you.

Multiple Input Methods:
Hosting or attending a party happens frequently with the Christmas and year-end vibes in the air, but what we forget to notice, is how every party is unique and different in nature. Each get-together has a different vibe and mood.

Mobilla understands this and knows how you connect to different music, using different channels to enable you to blast loud music, in every party, Clubber 104 has multiple input methods, which include, wirelessly over Bluetooth 5.0, AUX cable, TF card, USB drive, and even FM radio.

Clubber 104 gives you the freedom to connect to music, in whichever way best suits the occasion
and whichever way suits you the most.

Karaoke Ready
We have already established how music is essential to host any party. Don’t you and your friends have a playlist of your favourite songs which you like to sing along to out loud? You do, don’t you?

Clubber 104 is karaoke ready and comes with a wireless microphone, using which you sing your favourite music out loud with the music in the background. The karaoke feature gives you chance to add a singing or talent contest to your parties making them more fun and engaging!

The karaoke feature is a unique feature which most party speakers don’t have, so using Clubber 104 will help you stand out and enjoy parties and functions in an all-new way!
These are just a few of the highlighting features of Clubber 104, but it is loaded with much more, like LED lights, lightweight, easy portability and more. One thing is for certain, you will not regret investing in Clubber 104.

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