Peloton Introduces Peloton Guide, First Connected Strength Product


Peloton announced its first connected strength product, Peloton Guide. The AI-enabled device easily connects to televisions, providing Members instant access to a suite of expert Instructors and the well-loved Peloton content library.

“Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen the interest in our strength content explode,” said Tom Cortese, Peloton’s co-founder and chief product officer. “Peloton Guide demystifies strength training to create a more engaging experience that will help Members stay motivated. We combined our world-class Instructors and class content with the best machine learning technology to create a whole new way to train. This is just the beginning for Peloton strength. Guide will keep getting smarter so it can grow stronger alongside our Members.”

Guided strength training for every level


Peloton Guide makes strength training appealing and motivating to beginners and experts alike by using machine learning, a type of AI that uses data to identify patterns and make decisions with minimal input from an engineer, to enhance the renowned Peloton strength class experience. Peloton Guide uses ML to help Members track their movements and progress.

Members will be able to use their own equipment, weights, or accessories and won’t need any bulky devices to get started with their strength experience. Using Peloton Guide, Members will have clear, expert instruction from Peloton’s world-class Instructors, engaging programming that will keep them motivated, and technology that will help them better understand and complete strength movements.

Peloton Guide features:

  • Movement Tracker: Powered by machine learning, Movement Tracker is exclusive to Peloton Guide and will be available on hundreds of Peloton strength classes. The feature encourages Members to complete the demonstrated exercises and follow the Instructors for the entire class. New movements and class types will be regularly added.
  • Self Mode: The smart camera technology on Peloton Guide helps Members compare their form to the Instructor’s in real-time. Members can choose how to view themselves to easily make corrections and adjustments during class.
  • Body Activity: No more skipping leg day. Body Activity will show Members which muscle groups they recently worked. Based on your Body Activity, Peloton will recommend classes focused on the muscle groups that need training to help Members have a more well-rounded training experience.
  • Voice activated: Members can stay focused on their workouts and control Peloton Guide hands-free. Members can wake up Peloton Guide, then start, stop, rewind, or fast forward through a class. Voice activation will be available in the US, Canada and UK, with other markets to come.
  • Member controlled privacy: Peloton Members will always have control over the camera and microphone. Members can put Peloton Guide to sleep, slide the cover over the camera, and even turn off the mic via a physical switch to ensure Members only share what they want to share.

Peloton also expects to update and enhance Peloton Guide continuously by constantly training the machine learning model on new movements and disciplines and adding new Instructor-led training programs and classes.

A guided strength training experience from the comfort of home

Combining the latest technology with Peloton’s world-class Instructors gives Members a personal training session from the convenience of their homes and gives them more of the content they love. Strength has been the fastest growing discipline for Peloton.The Peloton strength community is also one of the largest with almost 250,000 Members in both unofficial groups and Tags focused on strength. Peloton also continues to evolve its strength programming. Instructors Olivia Amato and Matty Maggiacomo lead a Beginner Strength to introduce Members to strength training and Callie Gullickson and Rad Lopez joined the team to become Peloton’s very first strength-first Instructors.

Peloton’s expert Instructors including Robin Arzon, Ben Alldis, Callie Gullickson, Rebecca Kennedy, Rad Lopez, Matty Maggiacomo, Daniel McKenna, Selena Samuela, Jess Sims, Andy Speer, Chase Tucker, and Adrian Williams will create and lead specific classes and programs that take advantage of Peloton Guide’s advanced technology and new features to target specific body parts, track progress, and completely revamp strength training.

The most accessibly-priced Peloton connected fitness product

Peloton Guide makes it even easier to become part of the Peloton community. For $12.99 USD / £12.99 GBP / $16.99 CAD /€12.99 EUR / $16.99 AUD a month, the Peloton Guide Membership provides access for up to five people in the household to Peloton’s expansive content library and Self Mode and Movement Tracker, which are exclusive to Peloton Guide. The Peloton Guide Membership comes at no extra cost to existing Members. Access to the Peloton Guide is included in the All-Access subscription and Peloton App Members can upgrade their Memberships to include Peloton Guide access with no extra fees.

Similar to the Peloton Bike, Peloton Bike+ and Peloton Tread, Peloton is also exploring financing options for qualified customers to ensure Peloton Guide remains accessibly-priced.

Every Peloton Guide will also include the all-new Peloton Heart Rate Band for a complete strength training bundle. The Peloton Heart Rate Band can be purchased separately and is also compatible with the Peloton Bike, Peloton Bike+, Peloton Tread, and the Peloton App, making it easy to track Strive Score, which measures how much time you spend in each heart rate zone to track how hard you’re working in every workout to give you an easy way to compare your performance across workouts, including those that don’t have power-based output from a connected device, like strength, HIIT and bootcamp classes, and Heart Rate zones across any Peloton product.

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