Teachze Rebrands as Greatify, Revolutionizing Education through a Single-Stop AI-Powered Platform

Teachze, a renowned pioneer in the education technology sector, proudly revealed its rebranding into Greatify during the much-anticipated DIDAC India 2023, the country’s largest Edtech event. This strategic rebranding marks a significant milestone in the company’s trajectory towards revolutionizing the educational landscape.
The rebranding is the product of the merger of Teachze and Heycampus – an innovative and cutting-edge Education Resource Planning (ERP) solution to create a unified, all-encompassing educational powerhouse. The new name Greatify denotes that the platform is set to be the ultimate solution for institutional greatness.
Leveraging the power of advanced AI and combining the best of both worlds, Greatify aims to streamline the educational journey, facilitating a transition to a paperless, data-driven education system. This move effectively eliminates the need for multiple service providers, simplifying the operational aspects for educational institutions across the spectrum.


Mr. Dinesh Kumar, CEO & CTO, Greatify said“With the realm to transform the education ecosystem, we are thriving on creating uniqueness and bringing innovative solutions at one-place. The merger of Teachze and HeyCampus into Greatify, signifies a monumental stride in our journey towards reshaping the educational landscape. By consolidating our strengths and expertise, we’re not just rebranding; we are renewing our promise to educational institutions. This unified platform will provide an unparalleled synergy of tools and services, ensuring that educators and students alike have access to the most comprehensive and innovative solutions. We also believe that together, as Greatify, we will be better poised to address the education sector’s evolving challenges and accelerate the digital transformation that the future of learning so richly deserves.”

Greatify is built and responsible for offering end-to-end digital education infrastructure. Their goal is to make high-quality and cohesive learning accessible to everyone values and ethos refer to the beliefs and principles that guide an individual or organization.

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