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The ultimate training ground for competitive gamers: VALORANT Premier, from Riot Games


After VALORANT introduced its competitive gaming mode, Premier, in August, which garnered attention within the gaming community, enthusiasts of VALORANT will be pleased to know that the game’s competitive system, Premier, is undergoing continuous improvements and is scheduled to receive updates, starting with Episode 7 Act II. Starting from November 22nd onward, gaming fans can look forward to a lot more action to enjoy.

Among these updates are the introduction of official divisions, an expansion of weekly matches to incorporate all seven maps from the competitive pool, and a comprehensive player performance and outcome tracking system. These enhancements are aimed at improving the competitive VALORANT experience for gamers, leading to an even more interesting gaming journey for its dedicated player base.

Speaking about VALORANT Premier, Arun Rajappa, Country Head of Riot Games, India & South Asia said, “VALORANT Premier has been well received in India and South Asia, and we attribute this to the active and supportive gaming community. We are creating a bright future for gaming together with the players, and we are extremely grateful for their passion and dedication!”

Reflecting on the first season, Binks, an avid gamer, streamer, and content creator who embarked on his gaming journey during his school days, expressed, “Being part of the VALORANT community is an honour. The infectious energy and passion of both players and fans fuels my enthusiasm. I’m looking forward to new teams and players getting better as the seasons go on, which should make for some exciting developments in the gaming landscape.”

Building on this, SKRossi, a prominent and widely recognized game streamer from India, shared, “As Premier teams’ step onto the stage and the competition gets more intense, I’m really excited to see where it goes! The VALORANT scene has tons of potential, and I’m eager to witness new teams stepping up and taking the competition to the next level in India.”


VALORANT has been appreciated within the highly competitive South Asian esports scene, with Indian teams showcasing their skill on the global stage. The growing prominence of Indian talent and their achievements highlight the substantial impact the game has made on the region’s gaming landscape.

For those who missed the initial series, the good news is that the doors are open for the second season of this tournament. Gamers and teams, whether newcomers or seasoned veterans, are invited to be part of this journey. It’s an opportunity to join the evolving VALORANT competitive scene and take successful steps into the South Asian esports stage.

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