Top 5 gifting options by Mobilla for New Year’s celebrations!

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Like every year, after long 365 days, this year is coming to end! We’re sure that the year 2022, brought you a bunch load of happy moments that you’ll cherish, till the end of time. The technology sector observed massive growth and development as we transitioned out of the COVID-19 lockdown phase.

Unsurprisingly, Mobilla hasn’t stopped integrating the latest technology into the mobile accessories and lifestyle products that they offer, to enable its users with an active lifestyle. These act as perfect gifting options for you.

Gifting gifts manufactured by the Iconic Most Preferred; Trusted Indian Brand for Lifestyle Accessories, will help you effectively showcase the place the person on the receiving end holds in your heart and your love for them.


Here are the top five Mobilla products which can be perfect gifts for your loved ones.

TWS Earbuds
In the fast-moving world, where you’re always on your toes, taking out time to connect to music, can get difficult. That’s where TWS earbuds come into the picture, allowing the user to stay connected to music while living an active lifestyle.

MBuds 101

For your family member or friends who are music enthusiasts who love to tune into music throughout the day, Mobilla’s MBuds 101 can be your go-to choice! MBuds 101 are Mobilla’s TWS earbuds, which are enabled with Bluetooth 5.0 for crystal clear audio with a wireless range of up to 10 meters. Its comfortable and ergonomic fitting which is paired with its IPX4 rating, allows the user to carry it along with them throughout the day.

These earbuds have a 40 mAh battery in each earpiece and come with a charging which has a battery capacity of 320 mAh enabling an everlasting playtime of up to 21 hours at one go!

Wireless Neckband

You may not know this, but there is a difference between music enthusiasts and people who possibly cannot imagine their lives without music! In our close circle, we all know someone whose life constantly revolves around music.

MBuddy 107

Mobilla’s MBuddy 107 is another one of the top wireless neckbands they offer. Enabled with Bluetooth 5.0, it produces clear and vibrant audio. It is powered by a 1000 mAh rechargeable battery which offers an eternal playtime of up to 100 hours, with a standby time of up to 400 hours. This wireless neckband, also has a built-in microphone, allowing you to connect over phone calls, digital meetings or even with your smartphone’s voice assistant.

Furthermore, with this neckband's sports-friendly fitting and its IPX4 sweat-resistant rating, you can effortlessly tune in to music while it's drizzling outside or when you hit the gym without worrying about water damage being done.

MBuddy 761

Gifting Mobilla’s MBuddy 761, to this person who is perfect for them. It is a wireless neckband which offers an eternal playtime of up to 60 hours, allowing the user to carry music around their neck like a halo, without having to recharge the neckband that often. To further add to the user’s convenience, it supports fast charging, which translates to 70% charge in just 30 minutes of charging.

This wireless neckband offers environmental noise cancellation (ENC) and is IPX4 splash resistant, enabling the user to engage in quality music listening, whenever and wherever, with minimal disturbances.

Portable Speaker
We all own wearable accessories like earphones, wireless neckbands, TWS earbuds or TWS headphones, using which we immerse ourselves into our favourite melodies. Even though these act as a great way to connect with music, every now and then, there are times when you feel like listening to music out loud, be it a get-together with family and friends or while you’re simply by yourself.

MRock 102

Mobilla’s MRock 102, can be a thoughtful gift to your dear friend and close member of your family. It is a portable wireless speaker which will enable the user to be able to play music out loud. It is enabled with Bluetooth 5.0 and produces bold music, with a playback time of up to 10 hours. It offers multiple input options, which include, wirelessly over Bluetooth, AUX cable, USB and TF card input slots. The user can also tune into live FM radio using this speaker.

Its compact-sized and lightweight design makes it easy to carry around wherever without any hassle and its loud audio output makes it perfect for small get-togethers and family events.

Portable Power Bank
Living in the 21st all of us have become highly dependent on our mobile gadgets and accessories to perform our daily tasks. This makes charging our devices on daily basis an absolute necessity. We bet that you know someone who is very close to you, and whose devices are always running low on battery. This is someone, who is often disconnected or not updated about the last-minute changes because they are out of battery.

MPower 103
MPower 103, which is Mobilla’s portable power bank, can be the best gift for someone who is running low on battery. This is a power bank with a battery capacity of 10,000 mAh, using which the user can their devices multiple times after a full charge. It is enabled with fast charging feature, enabling the user to power their devices in minimal time.

To take it a step further, this power bank offers dual power output ports, which can be used to power two devices simultaneously. This is an easy-to-carry power bank, with a lightweight and anti- slip textured design which is universally compatible to power all of your mobile accessories and devices.

These were just the top five products that Mobilla offers, which we found worthy to be on your New Year’s gift shopping list, but they have a lot more to offer! Mobilla has a wide range of mobile accessories and lifestyle products, designed and developed to enable its users with an active lifestyle. Do check out their collection, you will surely find good things to gift your loved ones or for yourself!

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