The most notable feature is its navigation camera, which can also be used for home monitoring and security apart from its primary cleaning function. The robot cleaner can serve as a digital watchdog to inform the family about unusual movements and sounds at home. Additionally, Trifo’s patented intelligent navigation system continuously learns about the home environment and improves cleaning routes.

Coming to other specifications, Max’s long battery life gives an impressive runtime of up to 120 minutes. The cleaner automatically returns to the charging base when the cleaning is finished. The base variant features a suction power of 3,000Pa, while the Pet variant delivers a more powerful suction of 4,000Pa.

Whether at home or away, the vacuum cleaner can be controlled via Trifo Home Mobile App to start, stop, and schedule cleaning, adjust suction power and do more. While supporting Wi-Fi connectivity, the robot cleaner is compatible with Amazon Alexa for voice commands. Trifo Max can see, listen and speak as it cleans.