U&i Launches Two New Power Devices – 35W Fast Charger & 24W 10000mAh Powerbank


Every gadget today needs its battery to be replenished; and depending on its use and urgency, recharging them as quickly as possible is the need of the hour. Hence, addressing the requirement for faster charging, Leading Gadget and accessories brand U&i has announced the launch of two new Power devices — a fast charger and a portable Powerbank. Presenting the U&i ALL ROUNDER SERIES 35W Fast Charger and the U&i BYAIR SERIES 10000mAh 4-in-1 Power Bank. These two new charging devices are equipped with all the safety standards to speedily recharge your smartphones, headphones, TWS, and many other gadgets.

U&i ALL ROUNDER SERIES 35W Fast Charger with Type C Data cable:

Bundled with a USB-A to USB-C Data cable in the box, this fast charger is a simple yet robust USB charger for almost every device that needs a quick battery top-up. Enriched with the latest charging standards, which include Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 (QC3.0), Flash Charge, Super VOOC, DASH Charge, and WARP Charge, the power adapter can deliver up to 35 watts of pure power to almost every device that you may own. From a Samsung to a OnePlus, one can safely use this charger with any phone at home or the office. The charger features safety standards that safeguard the devices from Overvoltage, Overcurrent, Overheating, and Overcharging making it easy for users to connect devices without any fear of damage to the precious gadgets. Moreover, the ALL ROUNDER SERIES Fast Charger also features a BIS-Certified Power Plug that fits securely into any Indian power outlet, eliminating sparking and loose connections that can cause damage to both the charger and the connected equipment.


U&i BYAIR SERIES 10000mAh 24W 4-in-1 Power Bank:

Charging devices on the go is what we need the most in today’s fast-paced world. Since we travel a lot, waiting at home or the office until our smartphone and headphones are fully charged before we head out is a complete waste of time. Tagging along a BYAIR SERIES 10000mAh 24W 4-in-1 Power Bank can be a great idea, as it can keep those devices charging while one can travel around in peace. This Powerbank is unique and stands out from the crowd with its dual cables that feature a USB Type-C and a Lightning Cable that are pre-attached to the unit. No more carrying around additional cables or having the fear of leaving them behind at home. The cables can charge almost every gadget that uses the conventional USB-C port and every Apple product you may have that uses a Lightning port. Sporting a 10000mAh battery within, the Powerbank can recharge your smartphone almost three times over, or your TWS and Headphones more than 20 times. Delivering up to 24 Watts of power (up to 12V, 2A), your devices can fast charge within minutes. The Powerbank also features a standard USB A and PD port for your other devices to be charged simultaneously. The BYAIR SERIES 10000mAh 24W 4-in-1 PD Power Bank is certified with safety standards to safeguard your connected devices from Overvoltage, Overcurrent, Overheating and Overcharging. Lastly, a display on the Powerbank keeps you well informed of the internal battery charge capacity so you ensure your trips are never ruined for lack of charged devices.

Pricing and Availability

The U&i ALL ROUNDER SERIES and U&i BYAIR SERIES are available in the market at an MRP of INR 1,999 and INR 2,799 respectively. Users can buy these devices from all the U&i outlets and other leading retail stores across India backed with 180 days warranty.

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