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Unveiling Hearmo HearPods Mini 2: Elevate Your Audio Experience with Next-Gen Sound


Step into a new realm of audio excellence with the HearPods Mini 2 by Hearmo. A pioneering feat in wireless audio technology, these earbuds redefine the auditory landscape by integrating cutting-edge features that deliver an unparalleled sonic encounter.

Unveiling India’s First Bluetooth V5.4 TWS Innovation 

Prepare to be astounded as Hearmo presents India’s debut Bluetooth V5.4 True Wireless Stereo (TWS) innovation with the HearPods Mini 2. This groundbreaking stride showcases Hearmo’s unwavering commitment to redefining wireless audio, inviting users to embrace an auditory journey like no other.


Unmatched Endurance: 28 Hours Playtime 

The HearPods Mini 2 introduces an unrivaled level of endurance with its robust 300mAh battery, translating to an astounding 28 hours of uninterrupted playtime. From sunrise to sunset, these earbuds ensure your music remains your constant companion, promising an unceasing symphony of sound that accompanies you through every endeavor.

Revolutionizing Gaming with Ultra Low Latency 

For the gaming enthusiasts, the HearPods Mini 2 introduces a game-changing feature—ultra low latency. Boasting an astonishingly swift 50-60ms latency, these earbuds virtually eliminate delays, ensuring that every in-game sound is in sync with your actions. Immerse yourself fully in the gaming universe and gain a competitive edge with this unmatched feature.

Crafting Sound: 10mm Dynamic Drivers and Balanced Acoustics 

The HearPods Mini 2 is more than just earbuds; it is a soundscape sculptor. Equipped with 10mm dynamic drivers, it orchestrates sound with meticulous precision, delivering a balanced audio spectrum that resonates with the true essence of each composition. With built-in Over Voltage Protection (OVP), your audio quality remains consistently reliable.

Immerse yourself in auditory brilliance with the Hearmo HearPods Mini 2. Combining Bluetooth V5.4, 28 hours playtime, ultra-low latency, and balanced acoustics, it’s an innovation that redefines audio. Available in vibrant blue, white, and black, it’s a fashion-forward accessory. Priced at ₹1,999 MRP, experience pure sound and style in one.

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