ViewSonic India retains its No. 1 Position in Interactive Display Market for the Third Consecutive Year


The year 2023 has kicked off with significant accomplishments for ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual solutions. The company has gained the No. 1 position in the Interactive Display Market in India for the third consecutive year. Embarking on its success in the education industry, ViewSonic holds over one-third of market share in the year 2022. Along with India, ViewSonic has ranked No.1 globally in Q4 of 2022, capturing nearly one-fifth of the category’s global market share (According to FutureSource, a market research firm).The beginning of 2023 also saw ViewSonic exceeding 8 million users in its myViewBoard software suite.

ViewSonic is committed to delivering the most comprehensive solutions by simplifying technological integration and empowering educators teaching & learning model. This will further help in shaping the educational landscape and building a sustainable education ecosystem. To respond to the fast-changing environment and needs of educators, ViewSonic developed ViewBoard interactive displays and myViewBoard software suite to provide various digital teaching tools, demonstrating the company’s broad-spectrum solutions based on open ecosystems and compatibility for both huddles and large groups. Educational institutions and educators are adopting its ViewBoard interactive displays and proprietary myViewBoard suite of tools. The use of these extensive range of solutions benefits instructors, students, and institutions or schools.

Mr Eric Wei, Asia Pacific General Manager, ViewSonic – Asia Pacific, said, “Given the fierce competition in the education sector, we are tremendously happy to continue to be one of the top companies in the Interactive Display Market. We are incredibly pleased to rank No. 1 globally in Q4 2022, Asia Pacific the entire 2022 and retain our position in the Indian market. Being at the forefront of the education industry, we are pleased to see that our products and solutions are developing and improving our education environment. Our primary focus over the past few years has been elevating our Edtech solutions to the top and creating a stable educational environment. With an aggressive approach, implementing new techniques and developing integrated solutions, our contribution to the education sector has been phenomenal, and hence we seamlessly maintained our position in the industry.”


As the edtech industry is ever-growing, there are continuous advancements and additions to existing tools and technologies. Seeing our performance, we have driven towards substantial interactive display market growth and have been capturing the segment. Establishing itself as the leading EdTech Provider Solution with integrated software, the company has helped to transform classrooms with its interactive displays and software.

Mr Muneer Ahmad, Vice President, Sales and Marketing – AV and EdTech at ViewSonic India, said, “We are elated and feel proud as we secured a No 1 position, yet again, in the interactive display market in India. Leveraging our presence as an Edtech solution provider, we aim to implement our best-in-class solutions across the country, shaping the education ecosystem of India by providing the correct mix of tools to the teachers. Our Edtech solutions are designed considering their efficiency for both educators and learners. We focus on bridging the gap between physical classrooms and digital learning, bringing an integrated suite of hardware and software solutions for a seamless transition.

As we grow, we see ourselves as a leader in the edtech space. We anticipate the adoption of our ecosystem in the majority of the smart edtech classrooms. Also, we are building a community of educators for knowledge sharing across platforms. At ViewSonic, we will continue to bring a new form of innovation in our edtech solution with cutting-edge features, making them a must-have choice for the educational sector in India.”

With the education sector witnessing a revolution towards e-learning and digitising classrooms, various brands, corporates, education institutes, and government authorities in India are taking a step ahead to implement innovative and engaging products for seamless education. Seeing a promising opportunity, ViewSonic has been at the forefront of creating its niche in the industry as an edtech solution provider. Seeking the positive move of government towards education, the company won a tender for the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) digital classroom project to provide 1300 interactive flat panels (IFPs). Under this project, they installed 1300 IFPs along with myViewBoard software, allowing a seamless move to digital education. The company is also contributing to Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA), the Government of India’s flagship programme in various cities. ViewSonic has collaborated with various renowned educational institutions across the country, including IITs, IIMs, NIT Karnataka, Kendra Vidyalaya, Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, Lucknow University, St. Francis, and ASN School.

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