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WinZO partners with Amaha for employees’ mental well-being, building empathetic products


WinZO, announces its partnership with Amaha, the country’s leading tech-led omnichannel mental health platform. The collaboration aims to provide WinZO’s employees with access to top mental health consultants and online counselling and therapy services, as well as to organise workshops to improve their understanding of user behaviour and build better products for its 100MM+ users.

Through the partnership, WinZO employees will have 24×7 access to 100% private and confidential online and offline consultations, including psychiatric support, diagnosis and medication, and self-help tools. These services are not traditionally covered by health insurance but have become increasingly important in the post-Covid era, as mental health has emerged as a key focus area to quality of life, workplace productivity and culture.

Amaha will also conduct a series of workshops to help drive heightened empathy and understanding of the psychology of the user while building innovative products that address the deeper needs and emotions of the users.


WinZO’s app, which has over 100 games, is highly personalised and adaptive to the user’s needs. It uses data and machine learning to create tailored experiences that respond to the user’s preferences, behavior, and context. With the aid of Amaha’s expertise, the company will also focus on integrating billions of data points available with WinZO with the psychological models to create personalised gaming experiences for its user which will take into consideration the motivations and aspirations of the user from the platform.

“The world post covid era has been very challenging to most. The world outside had survival threats to self and loved ones. The norms of society changed every few weeks and many of us were isolated, a way of life we are not used to. This only followed with many businesses going through an unstable cycle and lay-offs everywhere. If you are innovating, you need to perceive the environment you operate in as psychologically safe. A startup in itself is challenging because you are swimming against current. Lastly, we want our teams to understand this for themselves and for the consumer – an insight into feelings can be hugely enabling,” says Saumya Singh Rathore, co-founder, WinZO and Masters in Psychology. 

Applauding WinZO’s focus on employee mental health, Dr Amit Malik, Founder & CEO of Amaha, said, “We are glad that WinZO has shown its trust in us and has partnered with Amaha for this fast-emerging and much-needed initiative that will ensure that WinZO employees get the support they need to truly feel better, get better, and stay better. Our integrated mental health ecosystem offers treatment, care and support for a range of mental health concerns. We’re working closely with the WinZO team to understand and support the needs of their employees in a deeper and a more scientific way.”

According to Deloitte’s 2022 survey titled, “Mental health and well-being in the workplace,” 80 percent of the Indian workforce has reported mental health issues in the previous year. WinZo has taken proactive steps to track the health of its employees. The company aims to promote mental health awareness among its employees by checking in regularly with the employees, keeping communication lines open, offering coping training and extending comprehensive health insurance that covers psychiatric and psychological treatments.

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