Zebronics flourishing as an Indian brand of Gaming Peripherals & Accessories catering to the Gaming Community


Indian Gaming industry is on a propelling spree since the last few years and has been contributing to the global scale at a significant level. With the inclusion of Esports into the Olympics, gaming has transcended itself from being a de-stress activity to a career choice and Indian gaming community has been evolving. Indian gaming brands have been tremendously working with strategic plans, introducing products, organizing gaming fests and much more. Aside from the games on-screen, the segment of hardware across the range of Gaming PCs/laptops, hardware like Keyboards, Mouse, Headphones, Motherboards etc., have seen supreme growth.

To further take this discussion, let’s have a candid conversation with a young achiever who is passionate about Gaming: Mr. Yash Doshi, Director, Zebronics

How does Zebronics position itself in Gaming segment?


Zebronics is evolving rapidly in the spectrum of Gaming and positions itself as a prominent player in this segment by offering a wide range of gaming products and accessories. We focus on delivering high-quality gaming peripherals such as gaming chassis, keyboards, mice, headphones, chairs and more. Zebronics emphasizes the integration of advanced technology, ergonomic designs, and customizable features to enhance the gaming experience for enthusiasts. Through its dedicated gaming product line-up, we aim to cater to the specific needs and preferences of gamers, establishing ourselves as a trusted brand in the Indian Gaming Industry.

What are your views on the current state of the Indian Gaming industry, particularly in relation to the on-going social perception that it is an unproductive way of spending time?

The Indian Gaming Industry continues to grapple with the societal belief that gaming is an unproductive use of time. However, it is important to recognize that the industry has grown significantly, offering diverse opportunities and economic contributions. Gaming has evolved into a legitimate form of entertainment, fostering skill development, teamwork, and creativity. It is crucial to challenge outdated perceptions and acknowledge the positive impact of the gaming industry, both culturally and economically, in order to nurture a more inclusive and supportive environment for gamers and game developers in India. With the resources available like high-quality internet, better hardware and acceptance of Esports as a profession, we foresee balanced growth across the Gaming landscape.

How do you see collaboration with Esports leagues benefitting the Gaming fraternity?

Esports leagues gives us a platform to connect with the zealous gamers at the grass root level. Earlier in 2022, we had collaborated with OR Legends Rise for the 5-day event for their BGMI Game Tournament wherein we were the official partners for OR Esports team which was one of the first collabs. After this, we had partnered with Skyesports in May this year, for their event: Skyesports Masters, that is India’s first franchised Esports league with a whopping 2 Crore prize pool. This partnership is a thrilling one as both the brands are passionate towards promoting, supporting the growth of the Gaming Industry as an epic Esports combo. In this event, we had the teams playing CSGO with our latest products, Zeb Max Ninja 200 (Premium Mechanical Keyboard), Zeb-Phobos (Gaming mouse) and Zeb-Blitz (Gaming Headphones with Dolby Atmos) and the acceptance was phenomenal. We will explore more such avenues to engage ourselves with partners, influencers across a plethora of platforms to channelise the efforts of gaming enthusiasts.

What will be your upcoming plans in this segment?

We are focussing on expanding, updating and upgrading our current gaming product range to cater the entire ecosystem as well as keen in engaging with gamers on a steady & sustainable method. Collaboration with various influencers will be a key step to go forward aside from the category of products. Indian Gaming companies are constantly developing in terms of game design, art & storytelling that will be complemented by peripherals & accessories from Indian brands like Zebronics. To make Zebronics as every Gamer’s dream, we are also partnering with our channel partners to create gaming hubs so that passionate gamers can have a wholesome experience of our products

What according to you are the challenges for Indian brands like Zebronics for Gaming Peripherals competing with MNC brands?

MNC brands have established their presence globally, providing high-quality products that have earned the trust of the Indian gaming community. However, Zebronics, an Indian brand has gained acceptance and popularity in the gaming clan by introducing impressive products in recent years. While unorganised brands overshadow Indian brands in the gaming industry, Zebronics has leveraged social media platforms to engage with gamers and overcome this challenge as well. Even Bollywood celebrities have endorsed Indian brands like Zebronics on platforms such as Twitter. Furthermore, the gaming sector has been associated with luxury and exorbitant expenditure that is primarily dominated by MNC labels thus considered to be premium and is restricted to the elite. We aim to bridge this gap by bringing ‘Premium for Masses’ and thereby making Zebronics’ gaming ecosystem, every Gamer’s dream.

How do you see the overall growth of Gaming Market in India?

Indian Gaming market is skyrocketing at an exponential rate and the monetising figures are astronomical. Speaking strictly on terms of technology, the trajectory of gaming is on and I still believe it has not reached its peak since there is something new, every few days. With the adoption of 5G, mobile & cloud-based gaming, the industry is set to metamorphize and will be a career choice of many teenagers in the current decade, thanks to the recognition of Indian Esports by the Government of India under the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports.

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