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ATI is focusing on innovative products and best in class service to its customers in India


In an interaction with DeviceNext, Mr. Murli Manohar Jha, Director & CEO, ATI Electronics India Pvt. Ltd. elaborates about ATI’s plan for India market and how they are aggressively expanding their product portfolio.

Can you brief us about ATI’s journey till date
ATI started in 2017 with a vision to become a pioneer into manufacturing, partnering and launching trendy and innovative consumer electronics accessories brands and products into the India market. We have exclusively launched Philips Mobile Accessories products into the India market single handed which was first of its kind category for Philips in India and in 2020 we have launched our Own lifestyle audio and connecting accessories brand ODIO with the range of products like headphones, earphones, speakers, travel chargers, Power banks & premium cables. We are getting wonderful responses from the channel and our customers already and hoping to be amongst the most desirable brands in India into this segment.

Key growth drivers for the industry and ATI India, as mobile accessories and home audio grow at a rapid pace.
The growing popularity of wireless audio products among the youth of India, coupled with high quality and affordable products and compatibility with all mobility and consumer electronic devices, has propelled the market growth. Also, the increasing penetration of smartphones along with the rising influx of video and audio streaming applications, have further augmented the product demand on a global level. Moreover, the changing consumer preferences towards lighter, portable, and compact wireless devices instead of wired devices has fuelled the demand for this industry. ATI is focusing on innovative products and best in class service to its customers in India and our focus is to launch India’s one of the best manufacturing companies into wireless and wearable audio and connecting accessories products.


Shift in market share of the B2B and B2C segment
While in 2020 the B2C segment has seen brands and players gain a foothold and establish brands already, overall, the B2B market is still very nascent and unexplored and set to expand rapidly in 2021. The key reasons why the timing is opportune for B2B adoption are, Increasing smartphone and internet penetration, A willingness by retailers to adopt newer technologies in the face of online threat and the rapid change in habits due to COVID-19.

Future plans and key areas of growth
Innovation is one of the two central pillars of the ATI establishment – marketing is another. We will focus more into making all of our products by ourselves and for other brands in India, apart from that we will also focus on nurturing and shaping our own brands and expand our foothold into every part of the India market, ATI’s marketing strategy is to position it’s brands as an innovator and a maker of high quality products which enable it to sell its products at an affordable prices than its competitors.

ATI’s hero products and the focus area for 2021
ATI’s key products would be Wireless Audio and Gaming Accessories products way forward, ODIO as our brand will focus on lifestyle wearable brand reputation and gather the customer loyalty to let people known other than Boat. By making for other brands, it is easier for ATI to know the latest consumer trends, needs and wants. Hence we can strategize our product positioning by changing in actual offering in product features, price and quality.

ATI’s expansion plans for e-commerce platforms and digital sales
ATI’s strategy is to create a niche of itself into the offline segment first, as we are into wearable accessories business where the consumer wants to go and physically view the product or wear before purchasing it, as well as ask physical rather than virtual shop assistants for advice. Also the return rates are lower in offline business. We will focus more on offline channels, however would launch separate models for online too and leave the decision on our consumers to choose from wherever they can buy it.

Finally, on behalf of the entire ATI team, I would like to express my appreciation to all our partners, my team, and our consumers for believing in us and extended the trust and support to our company. It’s been an honour to be part of this discussion with the DeviceNext team and thanks for the opportunity extended to me for sharing my views.

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