BenQ’s Rajeev Singh Dives into 2024: Redefining Gaming and Home Entertainment


In a recent conversation with Rajeev Singh, the Managing Director at BenQ India and South Asia, we delved into the company’s strategic focus on eSports, projectors, and the evolving landscape of content creation in India. With an array of innovative products in the pipeline, BenQ aims to revolutionize gaming setups and home entertainment experiences in the coming year.

Can you provide an overview of BenQ’s focus on eSports and projectors segments in India and share the products lined up for this year’s launches?

Our journey into eSports has witnessed a remarkable shift, particularly with the rise of home-based gaming setups during the pandemic. At BenQ, we’ve been actively involved in eSports through our sub-brand Zowie. I’m thrilled to share that we’re gearing up to launch a groundbreaking 540 Hz refresh rate monitor, building on the success of our first-in-the-market 360 Hz monitor. The wireless version of the Zowie mouse is another exciting addition, designed to meet the demands of fast-paced first-person shooter games.


Shifting to monitors, we’re committed to catering to diverse user needs. The upcoming RD series, designed for coders and programmers, follows the success of our QT series, which continues to be a bestseller on Amazon. Recognizing the surge in content creation, we’re introducing graphic design monitors, addressing the needs of YouTubers and content creators. Furthermore, we’re venturing into specialized monitors for VFX professionals, and an On-Camera monitor to enhance video capturing experiences.

In the home projector business, we’re adapting to the shift from B2B to B2C applications. Our flagship 4K laser projector, launching next month, promises a cinematic experience comparable to high-end multiplexes. Building on the success of the W4000i projector, we’re introducing a laser light source version. The mobile projector segment, focusing on portability and versatility, is gaining traction, and we’re excited to unveil new models with innovative features, including inbuilt Android TV and wireless streaming capabilities.

Considering the rise in mobile and console gaming, how has this trend impacted BenQ’s strategy, especially in regions like South Asia?

While gaming, particularly casual gaming on mobile phones, is prevalent in India, the pro-gaming scene is still evolving. Compared to other Southeast Asian countries, the pro-gaming segment in India is relatively limited but growing steadily. Console gaming, driven by high entry prices, is also gradually gaining popularity. BenQ’s sub-brand MOBIUZ caters to immersive gaming experiences for both console and desktop gaming, indicating an increased traction for such gaming setups.

In the home projection segment, do you observe a preference among users for expensive 4K projectors or more portable options?

Interestingly, there is a dual demand scenario. The luxury segment, especially among high-net-worth individuals (HNIs), is witnessing remarkable growth. People are investing in dedicated home theater setups, creating small multiplexes at home. BenQ is addressing this demand with an expanding product range. Simultaneously, millennials and the younger generation show a preference for mobile projectors, seeking quality content consumption with mobility. This shift aligns with their lifestyle, emphasizing on-the-go content consumption.

What targets has BenQ set for 2024 from the India and South Asia perspective?

BenQ is eyeing a growth rate of at least 25% year-on-year in India for 2024, building upon the steady growth observed in recent years. The company attributes this growth to strong market segments, aided by an extensive lineup of innovative products. With 28 new product launches and exciting additions to the home projector segment, BenQ aims to meet diverse consumer needs and capitalize on the evolving market demand.

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