Cherish Your Loved Ones With Mobilla This Valentine


As Valentine’s Day approaches, Mobilla takes centre stage, ready to serenade customers with its enchanting range of mobile and lifestyle accessories. Here, love isn’t just a word; it’s the very essence of what Mobilla creates, making every purchase a note in the melody of affection. Join Mobilla in celebrating love, the Mobilla way, this Valentine’s Day.  

Earbuds: Sweet Rhythm For Your Sweethearts

MBuds 107

MBuds 107, with a distinctive circular design and 35 hours of playtime, creates a love symphony. Seamless Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity ensures a constant connection. With an IPX4 rating, these resilient earbuds offer reliability and comfort during extended use, thanks to their lightweight design. Features like fast charging and instant auto-connect enhance the overall experience.

Mbuds 511

For an extended serenade, Mbuds 511 provide an impressive 40 hours of music playtime. With a quad microphone and ENC technology, crystal-clear calls are guaranteed, ideal for heartfelt conversations. Boasting a low latency of 60ms, Bluetooth 5.0, and an IPX5 splash & sweatproof rating, these earbuds are the perfect gift for active, music-loving valentines.


 Smartwatches: In Sync with Your Valentine

MSmart 11

With a dial pad, password protection, E-card support, and comprehensive health monitoring, the MSmart 11 adds sophistication to Valentine’s Day. Its IP67 waterproof feature ensures it withstands your joint adventures.

MSmart X

Designed for the sporty and tech-savvy valentine, the MSmart X offers Bluetooth calling, 170 sports modes, robust health monitoring, and smart notifications. Stay connected while pursuing a fit and healthy lifestyle, making it an ideal and thoughtful gift.

Portable Speakers: Set The Mood with Melodies

MRock 106

With a 12-hour music playtime, versatile connectivity, Bluetooth 5.2, TWS function, and dynamic RGB lights, MRock 106 ensures vibrant rhythms for your Valentine’s Day. Dual powerful speakers create a surround sound experience, enchanting both hearts.

MRock 105

Similar to its counterpart, MRock 105 provides up to 12 hours of music playtime, multiple connectivity options, Bluetooth 5.2, TWS function, and dynamic RGB lights. Let the melodies flow as you celebrate this day of love together.

Mobilla-Jignesh-ShahThis Valentine’s Day, we want to remind everyone that the real treasures in life are our loved ones. Our products are designed to enhance those connections, to make every moment with your special someone even more memorable. So, as you celebrate love, remember that Mobilla is here to celebrate with you, enriching your experiences with the sweet melodies of life.”Jignesh Shah, Co-founder, Mobilla



We believe that Valentine’s Day is a truly special occasion, dedicated to expressing the deepest emotions of love and affection. At Mobilla, we take pride in crafting products that go beyond being mere gadgets; they are instruments designed to bring hearts closer together. Whether it’s enhancing the ambience of a romantic dinner or adding that extra spark to your cherished moments, our products are here to make your celebrations of love truly memorable. –  Vishal Gupta, Chief Marketing Officer, Mobilla

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