Elevate your audio experience with the HONOR CHOICE Earbuds X5


The HONOR CHOICE Earbuds X5 are poised for their debut in the Indian market on February 15th, promising an unparalleled audio experience. Crafted to deliver a superior audio journey, here are the top five attributes that distinguish it as the ideal audio companion:

  • Advanced connection with HAI Space
    Smart Switch Between 2 Devices & Customizable Buttons

 HONOR CHOICE Earbuds X5 offers advanced connectivity with HAI Space for a seamless experience. It smartly switches between two devices (for example, from a smartphone to a computer) and comes with customizable buttons, allowing you to personalize your functions for added convenience. Enjoy a hassle-free transition between your devices and tailor your earbuds’ controls to suit your preferences.

  • Active Noise cancellation
    Enhanced Communication Experience: Ambient Sound Transmission Mode with Dual Microphone Noise Cancellation

HONOR CHOICE Earbuds X5 offer an immersive 30dB Active Noise Cancellation, perfect for commuting and outdoor activities. With Ambient Sound Transmission Mode, users can stay aware of their surroundings while enjoying their audio experience. Dual microphones ensure clear calls even in noisy environments. Cutting-edge ANC algorithms and an in-ear design work together to minimize disturbances, providing a comfortable and enjoyable audio experience, making these earbuds ideal for daily use.

  • Long Battery Life
    Music Playback & Extended Battery Life: 9 Hours On-the-Go, 35 Hours with Charging Case

HONOR CHOICE Earbuds X5 offer an impressive 9 hours of continuous usage on a single charge, ensuring prolonged listening sessions without interruption. Moreover, the convenient charging box extends their usage to more than 35 hours, guaranteeing an uninterrupted experience wherever you go. With such remarkable battery life, you can enjoy your favorite tunes without worrying about running out of battery while on the move!

  • New Generation Bluetooth 5.3
    Dual Mode Bluetooth for Stable Connection

HONOR CHOICE Earbuds X5 features an innovative dual-mode Bluetooth 5.3 chip, offering enhanced convenience, supporting both Classic Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy. This ensures a stable Bluetooth connection, allowing you to enjoy music seamlessly even in dynamic sports environments. With its advanced technology, these earbuds provide uninterrupted music playback, regardless of your activity level, for an immersive listening experience.

  • Premium Sound Quality

 Balanced & Clear Audio with 10mm Diaphragm

Experience powerful music with the 10mm large-size composite diaphragm moving coil of the HONOR CHOICE Earbuds X5. With AAC support, every beat is rendered with remarkable clarity. Additionally, the three EQ modes enhance every song’s sound, offering a varied audio experience.

In terms of design, the ergonomic in-ear design prioritizes comfort ensuring seamless usage. The earbuds are dust and water resistant with IP54 rating making it an ideal choice for consumers on the go.

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