Delhi Test House is one of the Largest Privately Held Independent Inspection and Testing Agency in India


They helps industries in choosing the right product for importing, exporting and even before introducing to the Indian and global market .

DELHI TEST HOUSE was founded in 1975 by Late Sh. C. R. Goel (Gold medalist VJTI 1934) along with his two son Sh. M.C. Goel and Sh. G.D. Goel with a vision of providing high quality and extremely cost effective analytical services to the Industries, Processors, Traders, Research Institutes and Various Consumers Organizations. DTH is Committed to continued investment in applied technologies in order to give our clients faster results, enhanced quality, accurate data packages, and easy to interpret results.

In an interaction with DeviceNext, Mr. Ashish Goel, Director, Delhi Test House, explained how they are helping with both in-house research and regulatory requirements of clients.

Delhi Testing House has been on the growth path from the beginning . Started by the founder with a humble beginning with one rented room and staff of 3 people , today DTH has setup in multi-locations, multi products, multi-operations with 200 plus staff rendering services to Government bodies , Statutory Bodies etc.

Leadership Team & Services:

DTH’s Board Of Directors consist of Mr. M.C. Goel, Mr. G.D. Goel, Mr. Dinesh Goel, Mr. Ashish Goel and Mr. Rohit  Goel

DTH is approved by various National and International Organizations.

DTH is Approved by NABL , BIS, EIC, MOEF, APEDA, WFP, DGS&D, DDA, CPWD, DMRC, PWD, Drug Controller of India and many more reputed organizations.

Delhi Test House has vast field of Testing in the List includes:

  • I.T. and Electronics products
  • Lamps, Luminaires and Accessories
  • Solar
  • Medical equipment’s
  • Telecommunication
  • Tyre and Rubber Allied products
  • H.T./L.T. cable, Transformer, Conductors
  • Toys and Sports
  • portable Fire Extinguishers
  • Domestic Electrical Home Appliances (Washing Machine, LED TV, Refrigerator, Air conditioner)
  • Environment &Pollution/Water
  • Food & Agricultural /Ayush / Drugs &Pharmaceutical
  • Building Material, Wood<metals
  • Alloys /Ores & Minerals
  • EMC Compliance Test Facilities
  • Development Facility

In Today’s world Testing plays a very important role in our life. From the food we eat to the electronics we purchase, we don’t know how good quality, robust or contaminated it is. So the Govt. has set standards for each and everything. By doing testing we can analyze how good, better or best the product is to use. Delhi Test House has a very robust benchmarks for each and every products to assure the product quality.

Delhi Test House Client List :

We have worked with almost all FMCG companies and consumer electronics brands like

Samsung, Panasonic, Apple, Dell, Mitsubishi, Votlas, Sony, LG , Dickson, Whirlpool, Daikin, Llyods, Havells, Gizmore, Lenovo, TCl, BPL, Onida, Blackberry, Microtek , Intex, Karbon, Huwai, Oppo, Vivo, Amazon, Flipkart, Hamleys, Vertu, CP Plus, Micomax, Akai, Xiaomi, Cisco, Waltek, Vivotek, Philips, and many others.

How Delhi Testing House helps guiding businesses in India?

DTH today is one of the largest privately held independent inspection and testing agency in the country. It is one stop shop providing multiple analytical services and techniques to its clients , with possible testing of more then 5000 products and few thousands tests we do. These test helps industry in choosing the right product for importing, exporting and even before introducing to the Indian and global market . We help with both in-house research and regulatory requirements of the clients .

Why testing is a key aspect of Electronics products. What consequences any brand can face if their product does not meet the benchmarks.

With the advent of open markets and borderless economies, standards benchmarking is one of the key aspects which guides this benchmarking. Each country has its own regulation which is mostly harmonized as per international norms  so a strong testing labs network is the key for any country to  excel in this area . Also with the upgrade of technologies and new products coming under government watch LABS play the eyes and ears of the government and the first defense against any anti-dumping / substandard imports .

We have seen many electronic products bypass safety standards or BIS certifications, what’s you comment on this?

One has to respect the law of the land and also meet the global / national standards when it comes to product performance and especially product safety. Electronic or any product which we use in our day to day life must have a quality benchmarks, though most of the reputed and well known brands have their own quality labs and do testings to maintain the safety standards, but many imported products which are not manufactured by any brands and directly imported for Indian market often try to bypass few norms to keep the price competitive which is unethical also put their consumer on high risk.

What’s the roadmap of DTH for 2021?

Like explained above DTH will continue to strive for providing the best of services across especially considering the testing times we all are passing . Considering we take special precaution of our staff during the working in lockdown and working with the conviction of not delaying the reports . Apart from that we would be working on opening more regional labs where the demand surge to meet the bottom line and to upgrade our top line with technology .

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