Elevate Your Security with the Consistent Wireless Mini PAN-Tilt Camera


The Consistent Wireless Mini PAN-Tilt Camera is designed to meet your surveillance needs with convenience and peace of mind. Its easy plug & play wireless feature makes installation a breeze, perfect for those seeking hassle-free CCTV cameras for homes and small offices or shops.

Say goodbye to complex setups and tangled wires; simply connect to your local Wi-Fi network, input the password, and you’re ready to go. Security is paramount, and the Consistent Wireless Mini PAN Tilt Camera ensures your safety at all times. With its 3MP HD resolution and advanced night view capabilities, it captures every detail with clarity, day or night, whether you’re checking in on your kids, monitoring your home while away, or ensuring the safety of your property.

The camera goes beyond just capturing footage; it also features smart humanoid tracking so that the camera will move along with the identified person in its field of view. Its advanced motion detection technology provides real-time updates, allowing you to take action when needed. The camera’s alarm feature can be set to sound a siren whenever it captures movement on the screen, alerting you immediately to any suspicious activity.

Camera records when there is human presence or movement detected.

Additionally, the two-way audio communication feature keeps you connected to your loved ones around the clock, letting you talk to whoever is on the other side while monitoring the live video feed. It offers flexibility in recording options, allowing you to choose between recording the entire live feed or only capturing instances of screen changes or human detection. This intelligent feature helps save on storage space without compromising on security.

All the alert events are recorded for future playback and reference.

With support for up to 256GB of local Micro SD card storage and optional cloud storage packages, your data remains secure and easily accessible. What sets this surveillance device apart is its versatility, complemented by its companion app – IP Pro. Through the app, you can easily control and rotate the camera 360° to provide a complete view of any room, eliminating blind spots and ensuring comprehensive coverage. Furthermore, it functions as a communication device, allowing remote interaction without the need for a phone call. The free IP Pro app puts control at your fingertips, enabling you to playback previous recordings, set schedules for periodic video checks, and manage multiple cameras from one convenient interface.

The app’s push notifications keep you updated with alerts about movement and human detection right on your phone, so that you can take action accordingly. Moreover, the app’s push notifications can be customized to your preference. You can set specific times during the day for receiving notifications, ensuring that your phone isn’t inundated with alerts around the clock. This timed notification feature provides convenience and prevents unnecessary interruptions while still keeping you informed about important events.

In conclusion, the Consistent Wireless Mini PAN Tilt Camera offers a seamless blend of ease of use, advanced features, and reliable performance, making it a top-notch home surveillance solution. Priced at an MRP of Rupees 4,999, it provides excellent value for money and is a must-have for any home security setup.

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