Empowering India’s Storage Landscape: A Conversation with Fissal Oubida, General Manager of Lexar Co. Ltd.


Lexar, a leading name in storage solutions, has taken a significant step forward in strengthening its foothold in the Indian market. With the recent appointment of Bangalore-based Kaizen Infoserve as its exclusive service partner, Lexar aims to elevate its service infrastructure and provide unparalleled support to its growing customer base. This strategic move aligns with Lexar’s commitment to innovation and reliability in an industry experiencing exponential growth. In an exclusive interview, we sit down with Mr. Fissal Oubida, General Manager of Lexar Co. Ltd., to delve deeper into the partnership with Kaizen and Lexar’s vision for the Indian market.

Why did Lexar choose Kaizen Infoserve as its exclusive service partner in India?

Being a consumer brand, Lexar has always made sure to provide our consumers with the best of service. With Kaizen’s esteemed reputation a [ s India’s premier technology support partner, our main aim is to strengthen our infrastructure in the Indian market and provide seamless service support to our customers. Kaizen boasts a robust network of over 60 service centers across the country, including 10+ regional hubs, 40+ Kaizen Authorized Partners(KAP) locations, and 12 strategically placed warehouses, thereby ensuring timely product availability, better inventory management, and swift order fulfillment. Kaizen’s innovative WhatsApp support and AI-driven feedback system further streamline service processes, guaranteeing a 99% SLA for both brands and customers. With the addition of this new warehouse, we anticipate an even faster TAT for product repair/replacement, enhancing our commitment to exceptional customer service.


How will Lexar customers benefit from Kaizen Infoserve’s services?

Kaizen Infoserve offers Lexar customers a range of services geared towards enhancing their experience and satisfaction with Lexar products. Below are key ways in which Lexar customers can directly benefit from Kaizen Info serve’s offerings:

  • Access to Comprehensive Warehousing Solutions: With Kaizen Infoserve’s extensive network of strategically located warehouses, our customers can enjoy improved availability and accessibility of Lexar products. These warehouses ensure efficient inventory management and swift order fulfillment, optimizing the supply chain to better serve Lexar customers.

  • Simplified Reverse Pick-Up Process: Kaizen’s streamlined reverse pick-up mechanism eliminates the complexities often associated with product returns for our customers. This customer-centric approach ensures a hassle-free experience, instilling confidence in Lexar customers that return requests will be handled promptly and professionally.

  • Convenient Walk-In Kaizen Hubs and Customer Drop Point Services: Lexar customers benefit from Kaizen’s commitment to accessibility and convenience through Walk-In Kaizen Hubs and customer drop point services. These offerings provide opportunities for in-person support and assistance, ensuring that Lexar customers have convenient access to support whenever needed.

  • Instant Support via AI-Powered Operation Chatbot and WhatsApp-based Communication: Kaizen leverages advanced technology to provide Lexar customers with instant support through AI-powered operation chatbots and WhatsApp-based communication channels. This enables Lexar customers to promptly resolve queries and issues, enhancing their overall experience with Lexar products.

  • Efficient Warranty Management with Customer-Centric Support: Kaizen’s customer-centric approach extends to warranty management, offering Lexar customers simplified processes for warranty claims. With Kaizen’s support, Lexar customers can navigate warranty-related issues seamlessly, ensuring that their investments in Lexar products are protected and serviced promptly, thus fostering long-term satisfaction and loyalty.

Which Lexar products will Kaizen support?

At Lexar, we’re proud to announce that Kaizen will provide support for our complete range of product portfolios. From our reliable SD cards to high-performance DRAM modules, cutting-edge SSDs, and versatile Micro SD cards, Kaizen ensures assistance across the board. Whether it’s our rugged CF cards, dependable HDDs, convenient pen drives (USB), or efficient card readers, Kaizen stands ready to offer seamless integration and optimization.

How strong is Kaizen’s presence in India, and what are its key strengths?

Kaizen’s presence in India is indeed strong, boasting more than 60 service centers spread across the nation. At the forefront of technology support, Kaizen stands equipped with a network of over 10 regional hubs, 40 Kaizen Authorized Partners (KAP) locations, and 12 strategically placed warehouses.

A significant advantage of Kaizen lies in its strategic placement of hubs and KAP locations. This logistical prowess ensures swift responses to support requests and streamlined operations. With over 10 regional hubs and 40 KAP locations, Kaizen establishes essential touchpoints for delivering technology support across the nation. This infrastructure highlights Kaizen’s commitment to efficient service delivery and customer satisfaction in India.

What exactly will Kaizen handle as part of our agreement and what support does Lexar expect?

Before joining hands with Kaizen, we aimed to improve our customer service in India. Kaizen on behalf of Lexar, will provide our consumers with the required sales service, where consumers can directly reach them through walk-ins, calls, or emails. Lexar will rely on Kaizen for a range of services, including technical assistance, problem-solving, and innovative solutions tailored to meet Lexar’s specific needs.

Are there any plans for Lexar and Kaizen to work together further?

Yes. Both companies recognize the value of their partnership and aim to capitalize on it by exploring additional opportunities for joint ventures. With a shared vision for success and a strong foundation of mutual trust, Lexar and Kaizen are committed to expanding their collaboration to achieve even greater milestones in the future.

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