Catering to more than 60 electronics brands, LRIPL already set the benchmark in the industry


Laxmi Remote (India) Private Limited (LRIPL), one of the largest remote control manufacturers in India, recently celebrated its 25th year of operations. Started manufacturing in 1995 with humble origins, LRIPL has emerged as a leading OEM, ODM and EMS company, establishing itself amongst the major Indian electronics manufacturers.

The company enjoys about one-fourth of the Indian market share in the overall remote control manufacturing space, catering to 25% of demand in the industry. With its rapid progress, LRIPL aims to become an INR 500 crore company in the next five years while generating employment opportunities for 1000 more people.

Mr. Vijay Kumar Sachdeva, MD & CEO, Laxmi Remote (INDIA) Pvt. Ltd. is well known for his very real-world management style, innovative business strategies and his customer oriented approach. Vijay is focused on further cementing LRIPL’s position as a global thought partner for emerging technologies in manufacturing industry. In an interaction with Jayanta Ghosh, Editor-in-Chief of DeviceNext, he discussed about LRIPL’s roadmap, product line and more.


How LRIPL is playing an important role for the manufacturing sector of India?

Laxmi Remote (INDIA) Pvt Ltd (LRIPL) is a true Make in India company and believes in supporting government’s efforts to continuously transform India into a self-reliance India. Laxmi Remote (INDIA) Pvt Ltd (LRIPL) has been there in the Industry for 25 years now. The company is playing a huge role in defining remote control manufacturing in India and proven to be a pioneer in this domain. Today, LRIPL manufactures more than 3 million remote controls in a month and intends to lead remote control business in India. Additionally, the company manufactures 1 million set-top boxes, adapters and mobile chargers each in its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Emphasizing on local manufacturing, LRIPL also intends to add to the job opportunities in the market. LRIPL offers employment to more than 1200 people with different skill sets. LRIPL is also committed to India’s GDP growth and Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative. The company provides end-to-end solutions to clients in business domain. Catering to more than 60 electronics brands, we have already set the benchmark in the industry. The company is partnered with big enterprises such as Daikin, Blue Star, Voltas, Havells, Orient Electric, Bajaj, Luminous, Livpure, Whirlpool, Lloyd, Amber, Usha, Halonix, Carrier Midea, Ricoh amongst many others.

How LRIPL is planning to drive its product line in B2B and B2C market in India?

LRIPL caters to two vertical i.e, B2B and B2C. In the consumer segment, we have a massive product portfolio having product lines such as remote controls, set top box, Adapters, CCTV power supplies, Mobile chargers and audio-video (AV) cables. The Brand LRIPL has a PAN India presence with well-established supply chain having more than 500 distributors to reach retailers and end consumers. Additionally, Laxmi Remote has also launched its online shopping website to further facilitate consumers to get the delivery of products at their doorsteps.

In the business segment, Laxmi Remote is known to be a leading OEM, ODM & EMS company and within a span of 25 years, it has grown into the state-of-the art-modish facility. Catering to more than 60 consumer durable brands, Laxmi Remote (INDIA) Pvt. Ltd. today, is known as one of the biggest players in remote manufacturing in India. LRIPL has two manufacturing plants rendering manufacturing services located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. We are specialised in manufacturing remote controls, SMPS Power supplies, Set-Top Box, Mobile chargers, LED TV Boards, Door Bells, lighting solutions and capable of manufacturing various other electronics products as well. The company is also planning to expand its product line by foraying in to internet based category products for cable & broadcast industry.

Laxmi Remote India is now aiming on increasing the scale and organising the overall processes & targeting 20% production growth in near future. New developments are already on its way as ‘Make in India’ campaign is making efforts by backing local firms and manufacturers to increase domestic manufacturing in electronic sector. As one of the largest remote control manufacturers in India, LRIPL intends to lead remote control business in India. The R&D team is working on new remote control technologies like RF, Bluetooth, touch screen & voice control and also on developing Qualcomm and Power Delivery (PD) mobile chargers. We also manufacture and export remote controls and set top boxes to few of our global clients.

Post lockdown, how the company is rolling back to its production capacity? 

The electronics industry in India has become one of the important sectors during COVID era. Impacted by covid-19 outbreak we have taken major initiatives for adopting our manufacturing processes as per the new normal to facilitate our clients with their orders with us. We are executing all necessary provisions in manufacturing processes so that we don’t face any halt at any point of time and accomplishes our clients’ orders and requirement on time.

What are your growth plans in the field of remote controls and other devices?

We are the pioneer and one of the largest manufacturers of remote controls in India and catering to 25% of the overall demands at the moment. The market is changing rapidly and hence we are working on technologies like RF, touch screen, voice control along with Bluetooth technology in the category of remote controls so that we can aggressively meet latest technologies and demands in the future. Apart from remote controls we have recently launched Android set top box (OTT box) & Hybrid box which is India’s first ‘two in one’ Free to Air and Android set top box. Additionally, we are expanding our product line with internet-based category products for the Broadcast & Cable Industry i.e IPTV box, Hybrid Box, Android box etc in the near future.

Vijay is an entrepreneur with a clear vision, is responsible for overall growth and development of the company. At the forefront of the company’s growth, Vijay supports, formulates, and implements clear short-term and long-term operational business strategies. Vijay is prominently dedicated towards leading high growth businesses and advanced & niche technology solutions. He believes in carrying out the right things by adopting their manufacturing expertise to make products that contribute positively to the world. Under Vijay’s leadership, LRIPL has emerged as a leading player in remote control manufacturing in India. 

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