Ambrane Has Started Manufacturing Audio Products and Other Categories in India


Founded in 2012, Ambrane India is one of the leading IT firms in computer peripherals, Mobile Accessories and power banks, has become one of the fastest growing companies in India. Ranked No. 1 in power Banks, Ambrane has been at the forefront of ushering in the revolution challenging the several established players in the business. The brand has progressed to become a ‘game changer’ in the Power Bank Industry.

Interaction with Mr. Ashok Rajpal, Managing Director – Ambrane India we at DeviceNext discussed on the ongoing pain points of Manufacturing Industy in India along with Ambrane’s expansion plans for Indian Markets. 

How has the chip shortage impacted the mobile accessories Industry?
The global chip shortage has impacted everything from Automobiles to electrical goods and more. And Mobile accessories too was on the list. The situation has led to disruption in the supply-chain scenario, making it challenging to keep up with the high market demand. Most of our plans too right now are on hold, which includes the future product line and launches. The chipset shortage will lead to a delay in production, which would impact the availability of the products, especially for the festive season, where the demand is on a higher side. Given the current scenario, the product prices might rise, and sales will indeed get impacted. Adding to the ongoing challenge is the traffic at china ports, leading to increased lead time for the industry.


Considering the shortage, how do you see the manufacturers competing with the demand during the festive season when the demand is high?

The festive season is the most awaited period for the industry. But with the current scenario, it does not look promising. With the shortage of raw materials, the production requirement won’t be met, and hence the stock available shall be limited. Prices of the products will rise, the season might not see festive offers and deals like earlier times, it would be very traditional as the industry is under many manufacturing challenges. We see only the primary demand being met, with no attractive price drop or so. This shall be the situation both online & offline.

Why has India lagged in Semi-conductor chip manufacturing? Is this a big opportunity for local component manufacturers in India?

Yes, setting up semi-conductor chip manufacturing is a huge opportunity for India. However, India is not fully equipped to capitalize on this. This is due to multiple factors, including the lack of infrastructure, lack of skilled labour and most essentially, the cost-efficiency which neighboring countries like China and Vietnam can meet. Currently, India does not even have an essential raw-material supply chain in place. Our current ecosystem lacks the checklist for the set-up to happen. It also calls for a considerable investment and government support to build an indigenous semiconductor base.

Brief us on Ambrane’s manufacturing set up in India & the Made in India products

Ambrane has its manufacturing unit set up in Kundli, Haryana. It is a 30000 sq feet manufacturing area with over 300 workers. We have over 8 production lines that simultaneously manufacture products. Our massive manufacturing capacity is focused on keeping India’s Make in India vision alive. We are not just limited to manufacturing power banks and mobile accessories; Ambrane has started manufacturing audio products and other categories in India. We aim to break the stereotype vision about Indian brands by building the best of technology & quality at the most prudent price points.

How has the business scenario been for Ambrane especially when Covid-19 still weighs.

After the first lockdown, Ambrane was on its road to recovery, but again, we see a slowdown. Things are getting back to normalcy, yet there are some ongoing challenges that we have to face on the manufacturing front. Some of the industry's key challenges include a disrupted supply chain, shortage of components, and customs delays. We are making efforts to ease out the situation and meet our consumer demands.

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