ReFit Global: Leading India’s Refurbished Gadgets Landscape


In a world increasingly reliant on electronic devices, the rapid turnover of smartphones and gadgets creates a significant environmental challenge: electronic waste. ReFit Global, with its mission of minimizing electronic waste and maximizing sustainability, stands as a beacon in the realm of refurbished electronics. Their “Zero Dead Stock” model exemplifies operational excellence while minimizing environmental impact, all while reshaping consumer perceptions of refurbished gadgets. In an exclusive interview, we delve into the insights and vision of Saket Saurav, Co-Founder and CEO, and Avneet Singh, Co-Founder and COO, of ReFit Global.

In this insightful interview, the founders take us on a journey through the refurbished gadgets market in India, revealing their unique approach to sourcing and refurbishing devices. They address the pressing concern of data privacy, consumer buying patterns, and the strategic expansion of their D2C (Direct-to-Consumer) offering. Furthermore, they unveil their ambitious plans and unwavering vision for the future – one where refurbished gadgets not only redefine affordability but also contribute significantly to sustainability.

Can you brief us about the refurbished gadgets market in India and what unique aspects ReFit Global brings to this industry?

The refurbished gadgets market in India is witnessing remarkable growth and transformation, driven by the increasing demand for high-quality, affordable electronic devices. As part of our commitment to sustainability and reducing electronic waste, ReFit Global has been actively contributing to the evolution of this market.


As the refurbished gadgets market continues to evolve, ReFit Global remains dedicated to its mission of minimizing electronic waste by recycling and refurbishing second-hand gadgets. We believe in reshaping discarded devices into appealing, high-value products that benefit both consumers and the environment. Our commitment to quality, affordability, and sustainability positions us as a key player in this burgeoning market, and we look forward to further contributing to its growth and success.

ReFit Global’s unique aspects encompass a strong sustainability focus, strategic partnerships, and diverse product range, making us trailblazers in the re-commerce industry. Our “Zero Dead Stock” model, with no unsold inventory in the past five years, showcases our operational excellence, ensuring profitability while minimizing environmental impact. We continue to reshape the market with innovation, dedicated to our mission of reducing electronic waste and offering high-quality, affordable products to consumers.

How do you source the devices for refurbishment? Are there specific suppliers or channels you rely on, and what criteria do you use when selecting devices for refurbishment?

To source devices for Refurbishment, ReFit uses a Systematic and varied procurement strategy. Our main resources include reputable online vendors with a large selection of devices, such Amazon and Flipkart. In addition, we work closely with trusted brands and access Large Format Retail (LFR) channels. Even though we continue to use a variety of sourcing methods, but the majority of our inventory is obtained through reliable online alliances, which is evidence of our dedication to providing our esteemed clients with high-quality refurbished products.

Additionally, ReFit’s refurbishment process is driven by accuracy and creativity. We only use our in-house developed diagnostic app to find any problems with the devices we receive. Once our programme has identified the trouble spots, our knowledgeable team takes over and carefully refurbishes and restores each device to working order. Every product we offer for sale satisfies the highest requirements of quality and performance.

Data privacy is a significant concern for consumers, as data can still be extracted from a device even after a Factory Reset. How does ReFit Global ensure that no data from the previous owner is retained on refurbished devices?

At ReFit, safeguarding data privacy is a paramount concern in our refurbishment process. To ensure the utmost security, we employ a two-fold approach. Firstly, all devices undergo a comprehensive factory reset, erasing any user data and restoring them to their original settings.

Additionally, we utilize our proprietary diagnostic app, equipped with a data wipe feature. This powerful tool further guarantees the complete removal of any residual data, leaving no room for compromise. Our commitment to data privacy is unwavering, ensuring that your information remains confidential and secure throughout the refurbishment process.

Regarding refurbished smartphones, are there specific segments or brands in higher demand? What can you tell us about consumer buying patterns in India for refurbished devices?

In terms of demand, there are distinct preferences among Indian consumers based on their location and budget. In metro cities, there is a higher demand for smartphones in the higher average selling price (ASP) range, particularly brands like OnePlus and Apple, with prices ranging from INR 12,000 to 18,000 in the refurbished segment. However, in tier 2 and tier 3 cities, there is a significant demand for smartphones in the price range of INR 7,000 to 8,000. This price point accounts for approximately 60% of total sales, encompassing both metro and tier 2 & 3 cities.

Specific brands that people are gravitating towards in the refurbished segment are OnePlus, Apple, and select models from Oppo and Vivo. In terms of volume, ReFit Global observes a higher contribution from mid-range Samsung phones, as well as devices from Oppo, Vivo, and Xiaomi. Xiaomi, and Samsung in particular, accounts for approximately 60% of the total sales volume.

The buying patterns in India for refurbished devices reflect a combination of factors, including cost-consciousness, trust in quality, a desire for premium brands, the influence of e-commerce, a diverse product range, environmental awareness, warranty assurance, and word-of-mouth recommendations. As a prominent player in the refurbished gadgets market, ReFit Global continually adapts to these patterns, aligning our offerings with the evolving preferences of Indian consumers.

ReFit Global has established its own D2C (Direct-to-Consumer) offering. What is your current strategy for existing offline retail channels, and how do you plan to further leverage the online channel?

ReFit Global has introduced a game-changing Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) platform, reiterating the commitment to provide consumers with high-quality reconditioned electronics. This platform redefines the refurbished electronics shopping experience, a diverse product range, and unmatched convenience. It perfectly caters to the preferences of discerning Indian consumers who value quality, affordability, and sustainability. Our D2C offering is not just a platform; it’s a testament to our dedication to customer satisfaction and our mission to reshape India’s refurbished gadgets market.
Our strategy involves strengthening our existing offline retail channels, we remain committed to our extensive network of over 50,000 nationwide retailers and distributors. We recognize the value of these partnerships and continue to nurture and strengthen them. Our strategy involves providing our offline partners with the necessary support, resources, and training to effectively showcase and sell our refurbished products. while simultaneously expanding our online presence through our D2C platform and strategic e-commerce collaborations. This multi-faceted approach ensures that consumers have various avenues to access our high-quality refurbished gadgets, whether they prefer offline or online shopping. It’s a testament to our commitment to meeting diverse consumer preferences and driving sustainable growth in the refurbished gadgets market.

What are your plans and vision for the next few years in terms of expanding your presence and offerings in the refurbished gadgets market?

ReFit Global’s vision for the next few years in the refurbished gadgets market is aligned with our core venture mission: to reduce electronic waste by promoting the recycling and refurbishing of underutilised second-hand gadgets. Our commitment is to demonstrate that discarded devices can be transformed into appealing, high-value products at a fraction of the cost, benefiting both consumers and the environment.

Our mission revolves around increasing awareness and building trust among gadget users regarding refurbished products. We aim to dispel the misconception that refurbished means old and subpar. Instead, we’re dedicated to offering reshaped versions of previous phones with improved functionality and features, all at significantly reduced prices.

Ultimately, our vision is to be at the forefront of the refurbished gadgets market in India, continuously innovating, expanding our product offerings, and making a positive impact on both consumers and the environment.

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