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The Lithium-ion batteries have become one of the most essential parts of any electronic gadget today. Be it a Bluetooth headset, TWS, Bluetooth speakers, Smart watch or even a power bank – a Lithium-ion battery is an integral part of that gadget. YXL has been a renowned manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries that are compliant with the certification of EU standard and BIS certification. The company has four business divisions: polymer lithium battery, cylindrical lithium-ion battery, power battery (lithium iron phosphate) and finished battery. YXL has been providing excellent energy storage solutions for many electronics manufacturers at home and abroad. In an exclusive interaction with DeviceNext, Mrs. Cai Kellen of YXL shared her experience of venturing into the Indian market and providing the technological support to various Indian manufacturers across the sectors.

Q: Tell us about your foray into the Indian market. What is your impression of the Indian electronics manufacturing industry in India?

“Let’s go to India!” I said to my husband as I woke up one morning at the beginning of 2019. In that magical moment, I began to apply for my visa, pack my bags, and start my journey to India, with all kinds of expectations and a very nervous heart. After all, this was my first time to India. Before that, although I helped my father manage the factory that produced earphones when I was young, I also had contacted the Indian customers many times. In my impression, the Indian customers are smart and careful in their work, which is what I admire.
That time, I and my husband had founded the YXL brand in 2016, and with the research and development team to do a series of research, in order to development about better applicable to all types of electronic consumer products of lithium-ion battery, we constantly seek and try all kinds of new energy materials, find the most appropriate, high-energy density, good safety and excellent cycle performance. Of course, it is very difficult in the early stage, because we want to develop products that do not need to make customers and consumers worry, break through the traditional low-density and low-cycle performance products in the past, and to ensure many electronic manufacturers that we always use the latest lithium-ion materials, and ensure enough excellent cycle performance. In the end, we achieved something very remarkable. Before the trip to India, our products are very popular in China and have won the affirmation and praise of the major domestic electronics manufacturers. They say: If you want to use the excellent quality battery, choose YXL. This premise, combined with my deep impression of Indian business, and we also know that the Indian consumer electronics manufacturers are booming at this time. This gave me enough courage and confidence to go to India.

Q: How has the brand’s journey in India been over the past few years, and where are your batteries used in India?

Since I started my journey to India, I have felt the truth of the country and the warmth and friendliness of the Indian people. From Delhi to Mumbai, from streets to alleys, from wholesale markets to office buildings, from small workshops to large production enterprises, I can’t help but feel impressed by the hard work of the Indian people and the meticulous work spirit of many entrepreneurs, who are full of tireless challenge to research and development and continuously improve the performance of products. Perhaps it was the providence of the gods that paid off on our first trip, and so far, we have established a solid foundation with many well-known Indian brands and manufacturers. So far, our products have been widely used in many manufacturers of Bluetooth headsets, TWS, Bluetooth speakers, Smart watch and power banks. Our products have the certification of EU standard and BIS certification.

Q: In the post-Covid period, how do you see brand’s presence in India growing?

The CV-19 pandemic in 2020 has stopped us from going to India, but it has not stopped our YXL team from developing new products and models to meet the needs of customers, and the bond of cooperation with customers. During this time, we had the privilege of working with new brands and manufacturers, and it has been an amazing relationship of trust that I have not yet been able to meet with to express my gratitude in person.
The YXL team and I would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks and trust to our partners. In the future, YXL will continue to develop more high-quality and affordable products with unrelenting spirit. We will work with Indian companies to create better and more advanced electronic consumer products.

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