With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, Foxin is geared to expand its market position in India


Headquartered in Kolkata, Foxin (a brand under Balaji Solutions Ltd.) is a leading manufacturer and provider of mobile accessories and consumer electronics. The company aims to create products that offer customer satisfaction through leveraging modern technologies and have cost-effective quality products. DeviceNext had the opportunity to interact with Mr. Bharat Seksaria, Product Head – Mobility at Foxin, who spoke about the company’s growth initiatives and marketing strategies. Here’s an excerpt from the interaction.

Q: What are the factors that differentiate Foxin from other smart wearable brands? What is your unique perspective about the brand position in the smart wearables market?

The thing that differentiates Foxin from other smart wearable brands in the market is the R&D that we do of every product and make our gadgets as per the needs and requirement of the consumers. Smart wearable as a product is not easy to understand, like a data cable that you can open the box and use, the product must be consumer-friendly. We are bringing those kinds of products at Foxin which are very easy to pair, connect, and adapt to the daily life of the customer in replacement of a traditional watch. Secondly, our prices our very competitive while our focus is on the quality of the product. We have also incorporated our own app called “FOXFIT” which is compatible with both IOS and Android.


Q: How are you trying to keep up with competitors, because they are very aggressive with the kind of brand positioning they are doing with the youth. So, have you identified your spot like what kind of audience you are looking at?

Our biggest asset is the distribution network that we have, with over 450 distributers pan India, we have penetrated in almost all big markets, our partners in the retail counters ensure that our brand is well promoted, they in turn feel confident because of our vast network of over 100+ service centers which are spread across India. Price, Quality and Aftersales are three most important factors for the end users and we have covered all of these. Till a few years back these gadgets were out of reach of the common man, Foxin has deliberately and consciously made products that are affordable and durable. Going forward this segment is only bound to grow. Soon we do see that every person who has a smart phone will be using
smartwatches and TWS’s.

Q: The last couple of years have been very challenging for every brand and segment. Apart from the COVID, there is a chipset shortage and all these kinds of things like shipment delays. So, how you at Foxin are getting those things sorted out, and how Foxin is prepared for getting into the next level. Can you just give us a small brief on this?

Last two years, we have been very much focused on strengthening our products into “Made in India”. This February, the government has welcomed the initiative of moving wearable and hearable devices under the Startup India initiative. So, the future imports of finished goods will become negligible. It has happened to Power banks, it has happened to USB chargers, and it has happened to Mobile Phones. Similarly, the entire industry of wearables and hearables will move into SKD or CKD. Foxin has worked on its factory setup that will help not only the brand Foxin but other brands that look for OEM & ODM support. We are already manufacturing Data Cables, Chargers, Power Banks, Earphones, and Neckbands and very soon we will be producing Smartwatches, and TWS’s.

Q: You are doing R&D on the Indian audience, so, have you done any kind of research on Indian consumers? What kind of insights have you gained from this?

The problem is sensor accuracy is a required variable that always comes at a cost. The better the technology the more the cost and more accurate the data, even premium watches are not 100% accurate. Our R&D and effort is to come up with products that achieve the utmost accuracy at the given price. The taste of the Indian audience has also changed, we need to make products that are stylish while keeping in mind that its durable and most importantly the aftersales service is fairly easy, couple all this up with affordable pricing and we have a winner.

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