Endefo to expand its operations in India: Aneef Tas, CEO, Endefo


In an exclusive interview with Mr. Aneef Tas, CEO of Endefo, a leading lifestyle brand in the wearable technology segment, we will delve into Endefo’s expansion plans in the Indian market and their strategic investment of INR 200 crores in the burgeoning wearable technology industry. With a focus on providing innovative solutions and exceptional customer experiences, Endefo’s aims to capture a significant market share within a short timeframe.

In this interview  Aneef Tas will shed light on the factors that motivated Endefo to expand its operations in India, highlighting the consistent growth in attachment industries and mobility-related sectors. Drawing upon their extensive experience and success beyond India, Endefo envisions establishing an organized distribution channel in the country. They have identified consumer needs and diligently worked towards delivering the best solutions, starting their journey in South India.

We will also discuss Endefo’s strategy to capture a 10% market share in the Indian Wearable Technology segment within three years. From introducing additional technology seamlessly to prioritizing better services, engaging partners, and effectively reaching the target audience.


Here’s an excerpt from the interaction:

What motivated Endefo to expand its operations in India and invest INR 200 crores in the Indian Wearable Technology Market?

The attachment industry and various mobility-related sectors in the Indian market are witnessing consistent year-on-year growth. Ashtel Group of Companies has successfully expanded its presence beyond India, a feat attributed to its extensive experience. With over two decades of industry expertise, Ashtel envisions establishing an organized distribution channel in India under the brand Endefo. Our journey began in South India, where we strategically identified consumer needs and diligently worked towards
delivering the best possible solutions.

Can you share some insights into Endefo’s strategy to capture a 10% market share in the Indian Weartech segment within three years?

Introducing additional technology is a seamless process for us, given our extensive presence across 24+ countries.

  • R&D team working on what will be the next technology that consumers need
  • Better Services to be provided, that is the major thing all the Indian consumers require and it should be hassle free
  • Engaging more partners across India and make them benefited with Endefo Biz
  • Effectively reaching the appropriate audience at the opportune moment while ensuring affordable purchasing options.

By establishing ourselves as active participants in the Indian market, we are confident that our credibility will enable us to achieve a 10% market share well before the specified deadline.

Could you elaborate on the six innovative product lines that Endefo will be launching in India, including their unique features and benefits?

At Endefo, we are passionate about staying ahead of the curve when it comes to new technologies across the globe and the same is evident from our recently introduced products.

  • Smart Watch – Current trend, which is happening now across the globe, we will see this opportunity to provide best quality smartwatches to the consumers, so that they won’t worry about any services and spare part issues as well. This is currently happening in India, and we will ensure the consumer will be happy to purchase our smart watch since it will be good in quality will be with them for some years rather than changing it in every six months with another cheaper product.
  • Speakers – As we all know, India is growing especially the youth will be driving India very soon. We at Endefo provides the best mate for Indian youth for their leisure time to enjoy with Endefo – Entun’z Speakers. Best in Quality, best in sounds and best in performance. We will be having 2 categories in this segment. One with ultra party lovers with light and maximum output with easy to carry option, the second with the best in class in sound to enjoy the music anytime with all new Specifications.
  • Enbeatz – Sound Bar which will be the best in class. The true Soundbar which will provide Surround sounds for a better cinematic experience. Classy design to suit your home interior. We will be launching 5-6 Models in this category, which cater the requirements of each consumer.
  • TWS – Get away from wire, be wire free. This can be the suitable tagline for the is category. Consumers can choose our TWS, which will be a perfect mate for them with better sounds, battery backup, touch sensor, voice command etc. Will be having 7-8 products in this category end of 2023.
  • Classic Speakers – Which will bring the consumer’s old days now. True retro series with high sound quality and easy to carry.

What factors contributed to Endefo’s significant market presence in the southern region of India, and what are your plans for expanding into North and West India?

We started our journey from God’s own country Kerala. We studied well before we stepped into the second market. Currently with best distribution partners we covered all the south states. We have been associated with United Tele links for LFR distribution, and currently we are available in major LFR partners in South India -Sangeetha, Lot Mobile, Supreme Paradise etc.

Before stepping into the North India market – We started with Punjab, Bihar, Maharashtra as a pilot run and after the best results now we are planning to expand ourselves with full energy. Current recruitment is going to identify the best team for India to drive the north and east market. We will have a base in Delhi very soon for making our northern partners happy to get the supply chain smoother. We are associating with logistics partners in each state for better service replacement. We strongly believe brand building cannot be easier without strong distribution partners with us.

We will be closely working with our Exclusive Online partner Amazon and will ensure the best product at a best price. Will be having some exclusive model for Online and the same with offline as well. Indian online transition is so growing, and we will ensure maximum availability in Online for the entire nation.

As a lifestyle brand designed for a smarter living, what are the key values, aspirations, and interests that Endefo aims to embody for the young vibrant generation?

At Endefo, our core values, aspirations, and interests align with the young vibrant generation we cater to. As a lifestyle brand designed for smarter living, we are driven by a team of young and enthusiastic individuals who bring fresh perspectives and energy to everything we do. With over 20 years of experience in the global market, we have honed our expertise and gained valuable insights that enable us to provide exceptional products and services.

We have established a smarter network that spans across India, ensuring that our products and services are accessible to every corner of the country. To offer the best online experience to our customers, we have also partnered with one of the leading online portals in the country.

We actively seek out and embrace the latest advancements, whether it’s in fashion, home decor, electronics, or any other aspect of our product offerings. By doing so, we ensure that our customers have access to the most innovative and trendsetting products that enhance their lifestyles. Endefo aims to embody the spirit of a smarter living, where technology and lifestyle seamlessly merge to create an exciting and fulfilling experience for our customers.

Could you shed some light on the competitive landscape of the consumer durables and retail industry in India, and how Endefo positions itself within this market?

Attachment industry is growing YOY., Currently in India unorganized channel is going down, since the consumer need a reliable brand for their life, who can provide the best quality and best service as well. Current days consumers are well aware of what they need even from a data cable till a high value product. So, it’s better we stand with the consumer, who required the best in class for their attachment needs. We are confident as the South has accepted us; the North also will be doing the same. Since we built the best product with an easy price.

What inspired Endefo to cater specifically to the Weartech segment in India and meet the needs of the Indian population?

As we all know, Smartphone is reaching to millions each year. Without smartphones it’s very hard to survive. Same as such the weartech segment also will grow, since consumers need easy access and easy communication as well. All are behind with the fastest connectivity providers, with they can easily pair and communicate and the same time less time consuming. With the fastest charging technology the segment from normal charge is also shifting to fast charging. Everything is moving towards fastest connectivity. Here we see the opportunity to focus more on new technology in weartech which helps the consumer with less time consuming.

Can you share any insights into Endefo’s future expansion plans, both within India and internationally, and how you envision the brand’s growth in the coming years?

In India we already said we will be available in each state by the end of 2023, internationally currently we are in the middle east and Africa has just started operation. Moving forward will make Endefo available in East Asia, UK and various other parts of the globe. Expanding our operations with a workforce of over 2000 employees across multiple countries is a straightforward task for us, and we are fully committed to making
it a reality.

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