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Eufy by Anker introduces Cordless/Wireless Vacuum Cleaner


Eufy by Anker, known for its smart Home products, announces its newest Hand Held Vacuum cleaner – ‘HomeVac H11 Pure’, the completely cordless model, with superior suction power and Ozone purification technology for Home cleaning. Priced for Rs. 3999/- HomeVac H11 Pure is available on Flipkart. The product comes with a 7-day replacement warranty too.

The Mini, Mighty and very Mobile, HomeVac H11 Pure is designed to make cleaning easier for you. The compact and lightweight appliance has a powerful suction capacity of 5500 Pa to tackle the several accidental mess. Engineered to cover every corner, the device comes with multiple attachments & extension nozzles for all kinds of waste (pet hair to breadcrumbs). Its 2 in 1 crevice tool reaches the deepest corner or low-lying furniture and even makes it suitable for delicate surfaces like Laptops and devices.

Equipped with the most unique feature, is the Ozone Air Purification Technology, that can eradicate odours created by sports equipment or well-used shoes by activating the ozone feature in the immediate vicinity.

This complete cordless handheld vacuum cleaner from Eufy is approximately as big as a wine bottle. It is also lightweight with a weight of only 0.58 kg, which makes it easy to use and store it. This non-slip and ergonomically designed vacuum cleaner ensures comfortable and precise handling. The filter of this product too, can be washed with ease, which makes maintaining this vacuum cleaner convenient and effortless.


The product also comes with convenient charging options, allowing users to charge with a phone charger as well a power bank.Eufy by Anker boasts a wide range of smart Home products which includes –Eufy Robovac ( Robotic Vacuum Cleaner). Very soon the brand shall also launch its Security products in India. 

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