Hiring Apps Using AI to Avoid Hiring Frauds


Since the emergence of new technologies, the occurrence of scams has increased. One of them is a workplace scam, which mostly targets those who are looking for employment. For instance, sometimes a job is posted by a scammer on a hiring app and young applicants end up submitting their data to them.

The scammers usually send out an email to the job seeker and ask them to pay for the job. Candidates may be asked to pay for training or provide funds for a visa. There are instances when these scammers steal people’s identities and masquerade as employees of prominent businesses to scam others. This scam has become more prevalent in the current hybrid work culture.

Now that automated and intelligent fraud detection systems are in place, many job-search platforms have realized how important they are. Here are prominent job-seeking platforms that are integrating artificial intelligence into their apps to prevent scams and fraud:




Hirect helps you connect directly with recruiters looking to hire or job seekers looking for a job opportunity. The AI enables all users to find the perfect fit and make an informed decision. It connects recruiters with those who are the best fit for the position by finding job seekers equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills. Simultaneously, jobseekers are matched with job openings that complement their education, experience, and skills.

The implementation of AI assists employers in creating compelling job descriptions attracting the right candidates. Without AI, recruiters are compelled to use keywords to find candidates in a database. However, Hirect’s advanced AI allows recruiters to connect with prospects that are best equipped with the skills and knowledge required. With the help of AI, you can speak with qualified individuals directly and quickly fill any open roles. As a result, AI assists recruiters in improving the efficiency of their recruitment strategies by recommending the best candidates for the job.


LinkedIn Recruiter

LinkedIn Recruiter is a job posting platform that helps you to engage with the best candidates from all across the world.

This platform has two different options for you. The first one is Recruiter Lite which you can use if you do a few hires in a year. The other one is Recruiter if you are a part of a talent acquisition team that is always in search of hiring people.

Additionally, it also helps to boost the brand. One can create “Career Pages” where they showcase their work culture and post jobs. You can also advertise jobs and career pages to reach more people.



Apna app is a platform that helps both blue and gray-collar workers to find jobs. The app provides a professional identity to over 2.3 billion workers by highlighting their skills. Additionally, the platform provides specific job listings for people looking for night shift employment, work-from-home jobs, part-time jobs, women’s jobs, and newer jobs.

The platform uses a combination of Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), BigQuery, and Vertex AI. As per the company, the AI engine provides dedicated and seamless matchmaking for job seekers across the country. The AI algorithm also verifies the profiles and makes sure to monitor them if any red flags are raised by the users.


Times Job is an online job search portal that functions in India and the Middle East. It is owned by The Times Group. It is considered one of the most important job portals in India that allow recruiters to access more than 20M resumes and helps professionals build successful careers. It offers many services that include talent management products, recruitment, and career enrichment.

AI-powered hiring platforms can detect scammers and protect their users – recruiters and job seekers. Furthermore, they detect keywords to determine whether or not the applicant is qualified for the position. The AI algorithm ensures that users being reported are monitored and banned if any misconduct occurs.


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