HP powers INDO-MIM to mass produce metal 3DP parts in India


The world’s leading Metal Injection Molding (MIM) company Indo-MIM today operationalize HP’s two metal jet binder 3D printers in India. With HP’s 3DP technology, INDO- MIM is the first company to enable large-scale production of 3D printed high-precision metal parts for automobile, aerospace, defense, consumer electronics, and medical equipment segments. These machines installed at the Bengaluru facility of Indo-MIM will be catering to both domestic and international markets.






As part of a global partnership, INDO-MIM has invested in three cutting-edge HP Metal Jet S100 printers. Two of its advanced Metal Jet S100 printers will provide localized support for Indian clients and expand production capabilities. One of them will focus on new material development, while the other will be driving application development and cater to customers in India, the Middle East, the rest of the Asia-Pacific region. Third printer has been installed at Indo-MIM facility in Texas, USA.

Savi Baveja, President of Personalization & 3D Printing, HP Inc, said “We are proud to partner with INDO-MIM to create new possibilities for their customers leveraging HP’s metals additive manufacturing capabilities. We are ready to transform the landscape of metal parts production in India by manufacturing locally and exporting worldwide. We are confident that by working together, we can drive innovation, boost adoption, and enhance India’s presence in the global manufacturing arena.”



Krishna Chivukula Jr, CEO at Indo-MIM also expressed his excitement about the collaboration, noting, “Our partnership with HP signifies a milestone in our journey to provide cutting-edge production ready 3D metal binder jet solutions to our customers. The acquisition of HP’s Metal Jet S100 printers equips us with the latest technology, enabling us to meet the growing demands of our customers with efficiency and precision, as well as expand the library of materials qualified on the HP printer platform.”

Through this partnership, HP’s advanced technology enables INDO-MIM to create top-quality, consistent metal parts for both Indian and US markets. With the latest 3D printing metal binder jet technology, HP helps INDO-MIM meet the rising demand for intricate metal parts, ready for large-scale production. Together, HP and INDO-MIM are also testing new HP Metal Jet materials like M2 tool steel. These new materials improve properties and precision, making metal 3D printing even better.

The Metal Jet S100 solution, the world’s leading 3D metal production solution, was introduced in the fall of 2023, and since then has enabled companies around the world to both efficiently design and produce metal parts and transform their supply chain. Both HP and INDO-MIM are committed to advancing innovative technology and sustainable manufacturing. They are well-positioned to unleash the full potential of metal additive manufacturing, helping transform markets across industries.

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