U&i Unveils Two New Neckband Series with Voice Changing Feature and Unprecedented Standby Time– Hacker and Dominator


U&i, India’s leading gadget, accessories, and consumer electronics brand, has once again raised the bar in the audio accessory market with the launch of two groundbreaking neckband series – Hacker and Dominator Series. Designed to redefine the listening experience, these neckbands offer unparalleled standby time, ensuring uninterrupted enjoyment of music and calls and voice changing feature.

Hacker Series: With an astounding standby time of 1200 hours, the Hacker Series redefines convenience and longevity in wireless neckbands. This series is designed for those who demand reliability and endurance from their audio accessories. Featuring 3 seconds fast magnetic on/off capability, and a sleek, stylish design, the Hacker Series combines functionality with fashion. But the main attraction of this wireless neckband is its customizable voice changing feature which can come handy while making prank calls as it can imitate voices of kid, women and robot. Voice changers in neckbands add a new dimension to gaming and entertainment, enabling users to immerse themselves in different characters or create unique voices for online interactions and streaming. The wireless neckband is available in 4 different colors – Black, Blue, Silver and Gold

Price: INR 2,999

Dominator Series: The Dominator Series boasts an impressive standby time of 100 hours, setting a new standard in the industry. Equipped with advanced features, including Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) with 35dB noise reduction and a sturdy yet comfortable design, the Dominator Series is engineered to deliver exceptional performance for music enthusiasts and professionals alike and is available in black-blue and white-blue dual colors combination.


Price: INR 3,999

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