IDEMIA and Samsung integrate mobile driver’s licenses


IDEMIA, a global leader in identity technologies, has joined forces with tech giant Samsung to introduce a groundbreaking initiative that will integrate mobile driver’s licenses and state ID cards into Samsung Wallets. This innovative collaboration promises to revolutionize the way we carry and use our identification, offering consumers enhanced security, convenience, and accessibility. The feature is set to debut in Arizona and Iowa, with plans for more states to follow suit in 2024.

IDEMIA’s expertise in digital identity verification has paved the way for this exciting development. Soon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone users will have a secure and efficient solution for storing their state-issued IDs and driver’s licenses directly on their devices. This breakthrough allows for swift and streamlined digital validation of individuals’ identities.

Matt Cole, EVP of Strategic Alliances at IDEMIA, expressed his pride in the company’s achievements and its partnership with Samsung: “As the global leader in identity technologies, IDEMIA is proud to be recognized as a company that delivers identity with integrity. This partnership with Samsung will enable us to further deliver on our mission to make identity services safer, easier, and more accessible for all.”


The collaboration strategically positions IDEMIA, which currently serves as the top supplier of driver’s licenses in the United States. Remarkably, the company issues over 55 million ID cards and their digital equivalents in the US, underscoring its capabilities and extensive reach in this field.

The comprehensive details of this exciting announcement were unveiled during the 2023 Samsung Developer Conference. The integration of mobile driver’s licenses and state ID cards into the Samsung Wallet represents a significant advancement in mobile identity solutions. This development promises to provide users with unmatched convenience while streamlining various aspects of daily life through instant, secure digital verification.

Mobile driver’s licenses represent the forefront of identification technology, with numerous use cases ranging from age-restricted purchases to expedited airport security checks. These certified digital IDs, authenticated and issued by state DMVs, ensure that personal information is securely stored on the user’s device, all under the complete control of the license holder, thereby elevating convenience and security in everyday activities.

In addition to collaborating with Arizona and Iowa, Samsung is actively engaging with several more early-adopting states and will work alongside the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) on a pilot program to accept mobile driver’s licenses at 25 federalized airports where the technology is currently available. IDEMIA, a long-time partner of the TSA and the supplier of TSA Credential Authentication Technology (CAT) readers in over 120 U.S. airport locations, plays a pivotal role in enabling this technology.

As the leading supplier of driver’s licenses in the United States, IDEMIA has been trusted by U.S. government agencies for over 60 years and has issued a staggering 70 percent of all driver’s licenses and identification documents in the country.

This partnership between IDEMIA and Samsung signifies a significant leap forward in digital identification, promising users a more convenient and secure way to carry their vital documents. As more states embrace this technology in the coming year, it is clear that the future of identification is digital, and IDEMIA and Samsung are at the forefront of this transformation.

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