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Panasonic INDD’s HVAC Components and Motors are helping Indian OEMs adopt energy-efficient solutions for sustainable growth


Panasonic is a diversified technology company that provides solutions to enrich people’s lives at home and work and move society forward.  The company is a worldwide leader in the development of home appliances, industrial devices, automotive, lifestyle, and connected solutions. Panasonic is continuously developing and launching high-quality, innovative components that power a diverse range of devices and products across industries. The company’s Industrial Devices Division (INDD) delivers advanced industrial components and electronic devices to businesses in India. These include industrial automation devices, relays, connectors, sensors, wireless connectivity, semiconductors, and other passive components. Panasonic’s HVAC Devices & Motors solution portfolio within the INDD division include some of the highest efficiency Motors and Compressors in the market, which are engineered to deliver consistently higher reliability benchmarks and are supplemented by superior quality and expert engineering support.

Rapid urbanization, growing population, and increased industrialization across the country are all propelling the HVAC sector outlook. Further, the significant growth across the food & beverages, pharmaceutical, and automobile industry has considerably contributed to the market uptick. The HVAC motors are used in residential as well as commercial applications which comprise air conditioning units, ventilation, unit heaters, exhaust fans, direct drive, and commercial refrigeration applications. With a focus on these factors, Panasonic’s INDD has been a part of the market for the longest time and is providing technologically advanced products and components to its customers through its HVAC & Motors solutions. Panasonic INDD’s HVAC & Motors solution comprises:



For more than 60 years, Panasonic has been innovating and manufacturing fixed and variable speed compressors, delivering solutions that are reliable, highly efficient, and durable. Panasonic offers Rotary, EV Scroll Compressors, and Scroll Compressors in this category, all of which are designed for silent operations and saving energy. These are utilized in a variety of applications ranging from residential to commercial, including refrigeration, air conditioning, electric vehicles, buses and trains, cold storage/warehouses, and more.


Panasonic being one of the largest motor manufacturers in the world provides fractional-horsepower motors for high-efficiency fan blowing applications commonly used in Appliances, HVAC/R, and Automotive. The company offers Brushless DC (BLDC) Motors which are compact, energy-efficient, and low-maintenance used for CAC and Refrigeration Applications such as VRF, Packaged Aircon & Cold Rooms.

In support of strong regulations set by BIS, BLDC motors gain more attraction than AC motors with OEMs who want to make their end product more energy efficient with higher COP.

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