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Portronics launches ‘PuriFi 102’- A multi-functional UV Sterilizer


Coronavirus cases are still on the rise, however, with subsequent unlocks people are resuming their work. While traveling we can use a sanitizer or mask to protect ourselves from the virus, but we often tend to ignore the importance of sanitizing our daily valuables too, like phones, jewelry, keys, wallets, etc., that are susceptible to be the virus-carriers. In order to combat the same, Portronics, a prominent leader in the portable consumer electronics market, has launched PuriFi 102- A multi-functional UV Sterilizer, designed to disinfect up to 99% germs while ensuring your essentials are not at risk.

Regular use of alcohol-based sanitizers and sprays can cause damage and irritation to your personal articles/belongings, and irritate their surface. PuriFi 102 uses Advanced UV-C and UV-A lights to safely sanitize valuables like phones, wallets, keys, jewelry, toothbrushes, glasses, makeup tools, etc. and allows you to easily place multiple products in the box at a time. The device is coupled with 2 UV lamps on 2 sides and a built-in ozone function that provides 360-degree surface disinfection. PuriFi 102 also provides intelligent protection, and only starts UV light emission once the box is fully closed, to protect the eyes and skin from harmful UV rays.

Being a Super UV Sterilizer, PuriFi 102 comes with 2 disinfection modes, depending upon user preference. While the 10-minute sterilization is in fast-mode, it is a quick and effective disinfection process, whilst the 30-minute sterilization mode enables a deeper sterilization process, well-suited to people who want more thorough cleaning. The sterilizer can be used either way, as per the user’s choice. The device also doubles up as a 10W wireless charger, located on top of the box, ideal for charging Smartphones. Simply place the phone on top of the box, which is marked for wireless charging, and one is good to go.


The device further comes equipped with an Aromatherapy feature that releases refreshing aroma into the valuables, leaving them infused with the goodness of essential oils. Just add a few drops of essential oils in the aromatherapy compartment, and with the push of a button, let the beautiful aroma surround your valuables. It also removes all bad smells and odor-based germs.

Like all Portronics products, PuriFi 102 sterilizer is also a light-weight and portable device, that makes it a reliable and travel-friendly accessory without the stress of attracting unwanted and dangerous germs; one can carry it anywhere, anytime. Simply place the object that you want to sterilize in the box, and close it for the necessary time.

Pricing and Availability:

Portronics PuriFi 102 is available at an affordable price of INR 2,499/-, in both online and offline stores. The product is available on their official website, and It is available in White color and is backed by a 12-month warranty.

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