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Portronics “SoundDrum L” : Loud, Crisp and Full of Bass


Portronics, a prominent name in the portable and innovative consumer electronics market has launched “SoundDrum L”, a portable wireless speaker with 5.0 Bluetooth technology and a whopping 30W powerful audio for bigger and better sound. For additional connectivity, the speaker also comes with a 3.5mm AUX and a Pendrive port for non-Bluetooth options.


“SoundDrum L” is crafted in an iconic cylindrical form, designed to give the users an immersive 360-degree sound experience that reaches every corner and every direction. It also comes with a unique Equalizer button, that lets the user control the level of Bass and Treble. One just needs to simply tap the Equalizer button to enhance the Bass, and tap it again to enhance the Treble, delivering a great sound that’s loud, crisp, and full of bass.


Perfect for traveling, parties, and even work conferences, the Portronics SoundDrum L is ultra-compact and lightweight. The small size also comes with a long-lasting 6-hour battery. The wireless speaker is a unique combination of luxurious materials crafted to create an iconic black, sleek, and stylish design. The device’s smooth, integrated plastic make comes with an IPX6 rating hence, it doesn’t shy away from water and is dust-resistant.



USP of Portronics SoundDrum:


It is a speaker that pairs with another. For house parties, when 30W sound is just not enough to justify your tunes, the SoundDrum L lets you connect and combine the sound with another of the same speaker, using Bluetooth technology. For instance, one can simply ask a friend to bring in another SoundDrum L, and create a truly wireless experience with even bigger and better sound.

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