Revolutionizing Driving Experiences: An Interview with Pavan Puri, Founder & Managing Director of Greencore Electronics


Greencore Electronics stands at the forefront of automotive innovation, spearheading transformative solutions to redefine driving experiences. In an exclusive interview with Mr. Pavan Puri, Founder & Managing Director of Greencore Electronics, he delves into the company’s mission and its alignment with the evolving needs of the automotive industry. Committed to ‘Make in India,’ Greencore Electronics not only contributes to the nation’s automotive evolution but also aims for substantial growth, envisioning a future where advanced electronic products shape the driving landscape. With a dedicated focus on innovation, safety, and eco-conscious practices, Greencore Electronics sets a high standard for the industry, poised to shape the future of driving experiences with its cutting-edge solutions.

Can you tell us about Greencore Electronics’ mission and how it aligns with the automotive industry’s evolving needs?

At Greencore Electronics, we specialize in premium car accessories, catering to all types of passenger cars. Our primary focus remains on meeting customer needs, and we supply to both tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers.
Greencore Electronics’ mission is to achieve ₹100 crore in FY 2024–25 and ₹500 crore in FY 2029–30 by developing a range of technologically advanced electronic products. We are committed to creating more innovative products within India that align well with the automotive industry’s growing demand for innovative products.


How does Greencore Electronics prioritize innovation in its product development process, and what recent advancements are you particularly excited about?

Greencore Electronics’ product development process includes a dedicated NPD team that prioritizes innovation and is eager to take on new challenges. Our latest accomplishments include several initiatives, one of which focuses on the EV segment. We are now working on projects relating to USB chargers, EV chargers, telematic L1 and L2 ADAS Advance Levels, amongst others.

With a focus on ‘Make in India,’ how does Greencore Electronics contribute to the country’s automotive sector, and what impact does this have on the global market?

With a dedicated emphasis on ‘Make in India,’ Greencore Electronics significantly bolsters the nation’s automotive sector. Our contribution lies in prioritizing top-notch product quality, cost-efficiency, and responsiveness to customer input, all while ensuring alignment with global standards. At Greencore Electronics, we steadfastly uphold our commitment to provide superior products that consistently exceed customer expectations.

How does Greencore Electronics ensure that its solutions enhance both vehicle and driver safety?

Greencore Electronics places paramount importance on the safety of both vehicles and drivers, a commitment evident in our array of top-selling products such as TPMS, Puncture Repair Kit, RPAS Sensors, Reverse Camera, and beyond. Our solutions undergo rigorous design processes, ensuring they not only meet but exceed the highest safety standards. By prioritizing meticulous design and innovation, our modules contribute significantly to enhancing vehicle and driver safety on the road.

How does Greencore Electronics integrate eco-friendly practices into its manufacturing processes and product designs?

Greencore Electronics seamlessly incorporates eco-conscious methods into its manufacturing procedures and product designs. All feasibility studies are meticulously conducted in alignment with IMDS requirements, ensuring environmental sustainability is at the forefront. Our dedicated team of product designers not only boasts profound expertise in our offerings but also conducts robust research and development to ensure adherence to industry standards, with a particular focus on eco-friendly practices. From sourcing materials to final production, every step is carefully calibrated to minimize environmental impact while delivering top-notch products.

What are Greencore Electronics’ plans for future innovation and growth, and how do you envision the company shaping the future of driving experiences?

Greencore Electronics is focused on innovating within the automotive industry, particularly in safety, hygiene, and entertainment segments to drive future growth. With a commitment to enhancing driving experiences, our upcoming innovations will align closely with these priorities. Through our accessories, we envision shaping the future of driving by integrating advanced technologies for drivers and passengers alike.

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