Shot on Nokia smartphones, ’48 Hours of Change’


HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, launched ’48 Hours of Change’, a user-led project that encourages people to create and capture positive changes they brought about in 48 hours in their lives and communities.

At the backdrop of the unprecedented year gone by, the project aims to emphasise the importance of believing in one’s own ability to create positive change for the better. Shot on different Nokia smartphones, known for their signature 2-day battery life1, these varied stories reflect the limitless possibilities when people actively seek and embrace change. The project features influencers from India, Latin America, USA, Middle East, Australia, Africa and Europe, sharing their answer to a simple but thought-provoking question: What change can you make (and capture) in 48 hours? It also stitches together stories of big changes facilitated by 18 creators from around the world, including Egypt, Netherlands, Nigeria, UAE, United Kingdom, Vietnam, Colombia, Poland and USA, to name a few.

Within the first 7 days, the global video of 48 Hours of Change received millions of views, including millions of full video views, from around the world.


Stephen Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer, HMD Global, said, “Last year has taught us that change around us is indeed inevitable and can come without a warning. However, we can also take charge and create the change we wish to see – in ourselves, for our loved ones and for the society at large, and build connections through love and trust. Through this ’48 Hours of Change’ campaign, we wanted to capture the power of change through the lens of a Nokia smartphone, with its signature 2-day battery life and the solid foundation of trust it has built. I’m so glad to see millions around the world continuing to view and engage with this 48 Hours of Change project through the videos on our social media platforms, and I sincerely hope it has also inspired many to create change”. 

 India: 48 Hours of Change story

The 48-hour change story from India features Vijay Mahar, an Indian YouTuber and social media influencer, narrating his story of realising the importance of family and friends. Mahar narrates his story of personal change, accentuating the importance of spending time with family despite the hectic lives that we live in today. He uses the Nokia 5 series smartphone to capture treasured moments he spends with his mother when he realises that in a world full of ups and downs, it is our loved ones who support us unconditionally. The results of his 48 hours of positive change went live on 8 February 2021 and are available on Instagram.

Other stories from around the world

Globally, the stories take us through change endeavours of influencers and creators that include organising successful blood donation and food drives amidst the pandemic, uplifting spirits of senior citizens through forms of art, feeding and taking care of stray dogs and teaching small business owners how to use social media to promote their businesses, all this within 48 hours.

Noble Igwe, a popular Nigerian blogger shares his story of nurturing the passion for table tennis among children around his community. By gifting table tennis rackets to children and teaching them the nuances of the game, he wishes to create brighter future opportunities for them.

In another 48-hour change story, a creator from Vietnam captures her endeavour of collecting and delivering supplies, medicines and food to orphans after undertaking a 10-hour long ride on a motorcycle.

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