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The Driving Force behind numBer – A Conversation with Jigar Mehta


Meet Jigar Mehta, Founder & CEO of numBer, whose journey into the realm of entrepreneurship was ignited by a profound admiration for his family’s legacy. Inspired by the remarkable successes of his grandfather and father, Jigar embarked on a personal quest to carve his own narrative in the business world. Their achievements served as guiding lights, fueling Jigar’s determination to establish numBer—a brand rooted in innovation, inspired by a rich heritage, and dedicated to reshaping the tech industry.

In this exclusive interview, Jigar unveils the captivating vision behind numBer and shares invaluable insights into the brand’s aspirations, focusing on its dynamic market expansion strategies and the compelling journey toward pioneering new horizons in the tech accessory landscape.

Could you share the narrative behind the inception journey of your brand?


In 2013, I established numBer Fone Co., driven by the untapped potential in Gujarat’s smartphone distribution. Surpassing expectations, it yielded significant profitability. The pandemic in 2020 sparked a strategic reevaluation. Market research revealed a scarcity of quality audio and wearables, igniting my passion for design and innovation. Therefore, in 2021, the brand numBer was launched, dedicated to offering top-notch hearable and wearable products. Our goal is to create a lasting, positive impact through transformative technology. Life, to me, revolves around a universal ‘numBer’ concept, transcending cultural and temporal boundaries.

What are the primary focus areas of your brand and key product offerings?

Our brand offers a diverse range of twelve products in India, spanning TWS gaming earbuds, Bluetooth neckbands, and smartwatches. Our innovation led to India’s first 1.91″ display smartwatch and the country’s slimmest 5mm metal frame smartwatch, setting new standards. We introduced the pioneering PUBG-styled helmet gaming TWS, exclusively on Flipkart, earning exceptional customer feedback with consistent 4.5-star ratings, surpassing the average 5-7% sales contribution. Our direct-to-consumer platform,, launched in 2021, swiftly partnered with Flipkart and Amazon, expanding nationwide. We also have presence at select retail outlets across Gujarat, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Maharashtra. Exploring various smart accessory segments, our goal is to introduce fresh and innovative products to the market.

What unique differentiators set your brand and product range apart from others?

We’re dedicated to offering a diverse product range that boasts premium designs, superior materials, advanced tech features, all while remaining budget-friendly. Our innovation shines through the introduction of the first-ever helmet-shaped TWS case, showcasing our unique and inventive approach. Our standout factor lies in our relentless pursuit of distinctive designs and aesthetics, resonating strongly with our customers and establishing a distinctive brand identity. Prioritizing a holistic customer experience, our thoughtful packaging has received praise from customers and influential bloggers alike. Continuously aiming for excellence, we consistently push boundaries, delivering top-notch features, fostering an innovative culture, and injecting playfulness into our products. By staying at the forefront of industry trends and nurturing customer loyalty, numBer is poised to make a considerable impact in this thriving market.

Can you provide insights into your market expansion strategy, and roadmap for 2024 and beyond?

Our expansion strategy revolves around forging strategic alliances with leading marketplaces and Large Format Retailers (LFRs) to broaden our reach across diverse audiences. Our immediate focus remains on solidifying our presence in the Indian market before exploring international opportunities.

Our ambition is to lead the smart accessory industry by 2025, targeting a revenue exceeding 300 crores. To achieve this milestone, we’re poised to invest significantly in marketing, aiming to expand our customer base and bolster our social media footprint. Additionally, augmenting our team with skilled professionals will fortify our capacity for growth and innovation.

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