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Unlocking the Potential: Essential Accessories for Your iPhone in India


Owning an iPhone isn’t merely a purchase; it’s an investment in style, functionality, and productivity. India, as one of the fastest-growing smartphone markets globally, has warmly embraced Apple’s iconic device. However, safeguarding and maximizing this prized possession demands more than just the device itself. Step into the world of accessories – the silent champions of the iPhone saga, ready to amplify your experience.

India’s appetite for iPhones has surged in recent years, accompanied by a growing demand for non-Apple accessories tailored to the unique needs of Indian consumers. From protective cases to chargers, the non-Apple accessories market offers a diverse array of products designed to complement and enhance the iPhone experience. As Indians across various segments of society embrace iPhones, the demand for accessories that elevate the user experience and safeguard their investment has skyrocketed. Fueling this demand is the rise of e-commerce platforms, providing consumers with unparalleled access to a plethora of non-Apple accessories from both domestic and international brands.

In this dynamic landscape, domestic and global brands alike are competing for attention, offering everything from budget-friendly options to premium offerings. Whether you seek protection from the elements or aim to boost productivity, there’s an accessory waiting to unlock the full potential of your iPhone.


Phone Cases and Tempered Glass

These are essential for safeguarding your iPhone against drops, scratches, and impacts, ensuring longevity.

STM Goods Focus Collection Cases for iPhones

The STM Goods Focus Collection Cases for iPhone 15 offer a unique mindful experience. Redefine relaxation with Relax, unveil hidden patterns with Reveal, and enhance concentration with Reawaken. MagSafe compatible with drop protection and ClearShell Plating, available nationwide at select Apple Premium Reseller stores and online.

Halo 2.0 MagSafe Case with Rotatable Stand Case Cover

The Halo 2.0 MagSafe Case with Rotatable Stand for iPhone 15 Pro Max elevates your iPhone experience with air-cushioned protection, magnetic alignment, and a built-in stand for convenient hands-free viewing. Crafted from durable polycarbonate, it ensures a perfect fit and easy access to ports and buttons.


RAEGR IPhone 15 Pro MagFix Silicone Case

The RAEGR iPhone 15 Pro Case – blends style, functionality, and defense. MagFix magnets ensure stable wireless charging. Compatible with Mag-Safe accessories for seamless convenience. Precision cut-outs, responsive buttons, and raised edges provide ultimate protection. Elevate your iPhone experience with RAEGR. 

Spigen Ez Fit Privacy Tempered Glass

Say goodbye to installation struggles and prying eyes with Spigen’s EZ Fit Privacy Tempered Glass Protection for iPhone. With an easy tray alignment system, enjoy hassle-free installation. Benefit from privacy protection, 9H hardness against scratches, case-friendly design, and oil-free fingerprint resistance for uninterrupted screen clarity.

Chargers and Cables

The essential fast-charging and seamless connectivity solutions ensure your iPhone and Apple accessories stay fueled and facilitate secure data transfers.

Belkin 65W GaN Dual Type-C Fast Charger

This fast charger can charge two devices simultaneously with USB-C PD 3.0, delivering up to 65W through a single port or 45W + 20W through both. Optimized for Apple devices, its integrated GaN technology ensures efficient, heat-free charging. Compact and travel-friendly, it’s equipped with Programmable Power Supply technology for the perfect charge every time.

Promate Synergy 54W High-Speed MagSafe Charger

It is your your all-in-one solution for clutter-free, fast charging. Charge up to 4 devices simultaneously with sleek wireless capabilities. Say goodbye to tangled cables and adapters. Enjoy 54W total output for convenient, high-speed charging. Upgrade your charging experience today.

ESR MFi-Certified USB-C to Lightning Charging Cable

This cable is ideal for those with iPhone 14 and earlier models, it offers Made For iPhone (MFi) certification for safe, reliable, and fast charging and syncing. Enjoy PD fast charging and stable file transfers with durable braided nylon casing for long-lasting performance.

Bluei CC-07 Car Charger

This 24W, 4.8A vehicle charger is your go-to solution for charging your Apple devices on the road. With its 3-in1 metal data cable, two USB ports, and fast charging capability, it’s your perfect travel companion, keeping your devices powered and keeping you connected on the go.

Power Banks

The go-to accessory for iPhone users, ensuring uninterrupted usage on the go, especially during travel or when access to power outlets is limited.

Stuffcool Monde 10000mAh Magnetic Wireless Power Bank

It features a dedicated module for charging Apple Watch, alongside a 10000mAh battery capable of charging 3 devices simultaneously. So, you can charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, and other devices simultaneously, ensuring you stay powered up wherever you go. 

Urbn 5000 mAh Compact MagTag Wireless Power Bank

Its sleek design and strong magnetic hold ensure secure attachment to your iPhone. With pass-through charging capability, enjoy simultaneous charging of your phone and power bank. Enjoy 15W fast wireless charging and compatibility with various devices. Say goodbye to tangled cords and hello to ultimate convenience on-the-go.

Anker 622 Magnetic Battery (MagGo)

It’s your on-the-go charging companion. With a versatile kickstand for iPhone 13/12, strong magnet for perfect alignment, and compact design. Its slim and compact design allows for easy handling. Anker’s Mini Cell technology ensures powerful performance.

Ultraprolink Juice-Up Mag 2

This Power Bank enhances your on-the-go charging. Precision Mag-Safe compatibility for iPhones 14, 13, and 12 series. Equipped with 10,000 mAh battery, folding kickstand, Pass-Thru charging, LED display, BIS certification, and 6-month replacement warranty. Proudly made in India.

Complementary Essentials

Elevate vlogging with lifestyle accessories and stay powered on-the-go with portable charging solutions for your iPhone.

Hohem iSteady XE Phone Gimbal 

Boost your videography skills with this compact 3-Axis handheld pocket gimbal, ideal for beginners and pros. Choose from a standalone gimbal or a kit, featuring a rechargeable magnetic Fill Light with three light colors and 10 brightness levels, perfect for low-light video shooting. The magnetic attachment ensures versatile lighting options for your smartphone videos.

ESR Magsafe Wallet (HaloLock), Geo iPhone Wallet Stand 

Looking for a MagSafe Wallet you’ll never lose? The built-in Apple-certified module gives you full Find My functionality for your Wallet, whether it’s attached to your phone or not. With 2x stronger magnets, real-time location tracking, sound alerts, and Left Behind notifications, it’s your all-in-one solution for secure and versatile phone storage. It securely holds 1-3 cards.


UNIGEN UNIPAD Wireless Charger Pad

Slimline and sophisticated, this charging pad seamlessly complements your desk while preventing device slippage. With charging capabilities through cases up to 5mm thick, it’s your go-to solution for convenient, portable wireless charging. Also compatible with AirPods (with wireless charging case) and AirPods Pro with the appropriate adapter.

Honeywell Zest MagSafe Phone Mount Car Charger

Securely mount your iPhone to this MagSafe Phone Mount on your car’s AC vent and enjoy ultra-fast charging. With built-in protection against over temperature, short circuit, over voltage, and over current, you can charge your device with peace of mind. Experience efficient fast charging with up to 15W output.

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