ViewSonic VX2779-HD-PRO Monitor: Gaming Brilliance and Creative Excellence

ViewSonic VX2779-HD-PRO Monitor

Are you in search of the perfect balance between gaming prowess and content creation finesse? Look no further than the ViewSonic VX2779-HD-PRO, a 27-inch Full HD monitor that seamlessly caters to gamers and content creators alike. Combining a high refresh rate, rapid response time, and stunning color accuracy, this monitor promises an immersive visual experience. Let’s delve into its features and performance.

Visual Extravaganza for Gamers and Creators

The VX2779-HD-PRO impresses with a 180Hz refresh rate and a SuperClear IPS panel that delivers wide viewing angles and vibrant, true-to-life colors, making it equally suitable for creative endeavors and office work. But the visual prowess doesn’t end there – dive into graphics-intensive games without fear of distracting artifacts. With a swift 1ms MPRT response time, the VX2779-HD-PRO ensures minimal ghosting, allowing for a smooth and lag-free gaming experience even in the most demanding scenarios. Every frame is rendered with precision, ensuring that your gaming adventures are immersive and visually captivating.


HDR10 and Variable Refresh Rate

The inclusion of HDR10 enhances image clarity, offering a heightened dynamic range for a more immersive visual experience. Variable Refresh Rate technology eliminates screen tearing, providing fluid graphics for seamless gameplay.

Addressing the concerns of digital eye strain, the monitor features EyePro Tech with flicker-free and blue light filter technologies. Perfect for extended gaming sessions, it minimizes harmful blue light emissions.

Connectivity and Multimedia Features

With two HDMI 1.4 ports and one DisplayPort 1.2 input, the monitor ensures expanded connectivity for a streamlined setup. While lacking a USB port for connecting accessories such as monitor light etc., it compensates with dual speakers for clear audio. The brightness of 250 nits may be a drawback for those desiring brighter displays but is sufficient for indoor use.

Versatile Adjustability

 The VX2779-HD-PRO comes with a sturdy built-in stand that, while lacking screen swivel capabilities, provides reliability for day-to-day use. However, there is a noticeable screen wobble if the monitor is accidentally bumped or rocked. To address this, the monitor supports VESA Mount compatibility, allowing users to take advantage of ergonomics such as height adjustment, tilt, swivel, and pivot. It’s important to note that the VESA mount needs to be purchased separately, offering users the option to customize their setup according to their preferences. This flexibility ensures optimal viewing comfort and posture customization, making it an ideal solution for those who prioritize a personalized and adaptable setup.

Why go for it:

  • SuperClear IPS panel
  • 180Hz Refresh rate delivers fluid visuals
  • Rapid 1ms MPRT for crisp image
  • Variable Refresh Rate eliminates screen tearing and reduce stuttering
  •  HDR10 Delivers Stellar Contrast and Color Accuracy


The ViewSonic VX2779-HD-PRO is a commendable choice for gamers and content creators, delivering on both performance and aesthetics. Priced at ₹11,999 on, it offers a well-rounded package with features that cater to a diverse range of users, making it a worthwhile investment for those seeking a monitor that excels in both gaming and content creation realms.

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