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WatchOut WearPods Smartwatch Review: Unparalleled Convenience with Built-in TWS Earbuds


WatchOut Wearables, has expanded its offerings to cater to Gen Z with the debut of its latest innovation, the WatchOut WearPods smartwatch. More than just your average smartwatch, it features built-in earbuds, eliminating the need to carry separate ones while on the move. WatchOut claims that this is the first smartwatch in India with built-in TWS earbuds. Having tested this smartwatch extensively over the past few days, here’s my in-depth review.

Design and Build Quality:

The WearPods smartwatch arrives in a sleek, square box, housing the smartwatch with pre-attached straps, a user manual, a welcome card, a pair of eartips, and a charging cable. Despite its myriad of features, WatchOut hasn’t compromised on design. Crafted from a blend of metal, polycarbonate, and ABS, the watch exudes solidity and premium aesthetics. Additionally, the steel housing seamlessly embeds the watch glass, enhancing its durability and protection. The display glass, protected by Corning Gorilla Glass, adds an extra layer of robustness.


WearPods Design and Display:

The WearPods stand out for their integrated TWS earbuds, neatly housed on the right side of the smartwatch. Each earbud, secured by magnets, resides in its designated slot for a secure fit. Both earbuds feature touch sensors for easy control of functions like Play/Pause, Change music tracks, and Control volume. The watch itself sports a 1.93-inch IPS HD display with a resolution of 240×296 Pixels and supports always-on display (AOD). The vibrant display offers clear visibility in various lighting conditions and boasts swift responsiveness without any touch issues.

TWS Earbuds and Functionality:

The integration of TWS earbuds adds a new dimension to the smartwatch experience. The earbuds fit snugly inside the ear canal, providing comfortable wear during various activities. With touch sensors on each earbud, controlling music playback and calls becomes effortless. Furthermore, the earbuds deliver impressive audio quality with clear vocals and well-balanced bass, enhancing the overall listening experience.

Health Tracking and Sensors:

The WearPods smartwatch comes equipped with multiple sensors dedicated to health tracking, including continuous heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, blood pressure monitoring, blood oxygen (SpO2) measurement, and even blood sugar monitoring. These features provide comprehensive insights into one’s health and well-being, allowing users to monitor various health metrics conveniently from their wrist.

Battery Life and Charging:

The watch’s substantial 400mAh battery ensures extended usage, even with heavy music playback and Bluetooth voice calls. Charging the watch from 1% to 100% takes approximately 120 minutes, thanks to its efficient charging capabilities. Additionally, the built-in TWS earbuds are charged automatically when inserted back into their slots, further enhancing convenience.

Connectivity and App Integration:

The WearPods smartwatch supports Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity, allowing seamless pairing with Android and iOS devices. The V Band app serves as a companion for setting up and configuring the watch, offering access to various settings and features. While the app interface may seem a bit outdated, it efficiently syncs data from the watch and provides insights into health metrics and activity tracking.


In conclusion, the WatchOut WearPods smartwatch offers unparalleled convenience and functionality with its built-in TWS earbuds, comprehensive health tracking features, and durable design. Despite its slightly higher price point compared to traditional smartwatches and standalone TWS earbuds, the integration of these features into a single device offers unmatched portability and ease of use. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, music lover, or tech-savvy individual, the WearPods smartwatch is a compelling choice that combines style, functionality, and convenience in one sleek package.

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