Zebronics is bridging the technology gap with premium products that stand out with impressive features, premium build, style, and more.


Founded in 1997, Zebronics is a leading Indian Audio, IT & Gaming Peripherals, Mobile/ Lifestyle Accessories, Smart gadgets, Healthcare & Surveillance Solutions brand with a mission to provide premium for masses which are great on design & performance. In an exclusive interaction with DeviceNext, Mr. Yash Doshi, Director at Zebronics sheared his thoughts about latest strategy, major challenges and opportunities in the India market.


What strategy are you putting in place after having recently been introduced as a Director at Zebronics?

Zebronics thrives constantly by challenging the market dynamics. In the face of increasing consumer demand in India and the company’s strong emphasis on innovation, Zebronics has a suite of marketing plans on its roster, and constantly focuses on customer delight through technological leadership and after-sales service for its customers.


Being in the consumer electronics business, we understand the critical role of marketing. Be it ATL, BTL, or Digital marketing, we have tried to use them judiciously and strategically.

India has young demographics & mostly cricket lovers. Therefore, to further strengthen our brand’s association with the youth we have collaborated with  Indian cricketers for the ‘Unleash the champion’  campaign to strengthen our consumer connect.   The brand is tapping into the pulse of the audience with a sport that is celebrated as an emotion rather than a mere game.

Celebrating our ongoing 25th Year anniversary we’ve also roped in Janhvi Kapoor as a face of the brand for our audio and smartwatch segment.

Zebronics is bridging the technology gap with premium products that stand out with impressive features, premium build, style, and more. To add to the fame and popularity, the brand has been associated and collaborated with Gen Z Bollywood youth icons, ace cricketers, and musicians as it is believed that Gen Z icons are recognized for their charismatic personality, style, fitness, and inspiration.

Apart from this superstar Hrithik Roshan is also engaged with the brand over the years and would also be involved actively with brand communication across platforms.

What distinguishes your market strategy from your top competitors?

Zebronics as a company has always aspired to improve the quality of lives, over the decades. our aim is to be present where the consumers are and we have successfully catered to the needs of consumers across price segments. Our strategy is to be a consumer-focused and innovation-based company that offers products at competitive prices with strong offline and online distribution & robust after-sales service. As a consumer-facing company, we have always focused on consumer satisfaction and on maintaining a robust distribution and retail presence. Currently, we have close to 50,000 distributors and channel partner stores across the country. This approach has enabled us to grow consistently and we are confident of continuing the trend. Though zebronics is 25 years old company but the current mindset and outlook is very young towards business and corporate settings and rocking as a Modern-day brand.

Zebronics is also making fast strides into the manufacturing space by building well-tailored and innovative premium products for the masses which also aligns with the Prime Minister’s vision of going vocal for local and Aatma Nirbhar Bharat initiative.

What according to you are some of the major challenges in the Indian consumer electronics market. 

The depreciating Indian rupee against the US dollar has put woes on manufacturers as imported components have become costlier, with the industry largely being dependent on imports for key components. there were tremendous challenges like the shortage of chipsets, which is to date challenging for the sector. The shipping costs have gone through the roof and frequent shipping delays have added to the challenges of launching products at the right time in the market. Then there are factors beyond control for instance the ongoing coal crisis in China that is causing companies to ration power to industrial users. That has forced some factories in the world’s largest economy to suspend production, disrupting global supply chains.

What can the consumers expect from the brand in the year ahead?

Being an Indian brand, we have always brought innovative products at competitive prices for all. Since its inception, Zebronics has positioned itself as a brand that empowers the masses with the latest technology at affordable price points. In the face of increasing consumer demand in India and the company’s strong emphasis on innovation, the company has plans to focus on more innovative products in lifestyle accessories and provide more & more value-added services and active after-sales service.

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