ZingHR Global HR Tech Platform Company revamps its mobile app


Covid19 has not been a hindrance for some organizations. As a lesson, it comes to all of us that some organizations can grow in tough times but some of them can grow and evolve even “because of tough times

ZingHR a leading Cloud Tech and HRMS Software venture reached out to their customer base of more than 550+ Enterprise clients and took exhaustive feedback on how the product can be made a little easy in these remote working and touchless evolving world.

The development comes amidst the COVID-19 crisis that has reaffirmed the overarching role of the HR function in motivating, upskilling and intensifying engagement with employees.


ZingHR has revamped its mobile application to give it a new look, make it more interactive and simplify the user experience. The app’s new version will ensure ease of navigation as well as ‘on the go’ access to users.

The remodelling encompasses various operations such as attendance, payslips, reward and recognition, timecard, widgets, roster, helpdesks and much more. A key feature is the addition of several widgets on the home screen to provide quick access to various options. Some of the changes included a single punch in and punch out button, quick widgets such as punch-in, rewards and recognition among others, on the home screen.

“The COVID-19 has underscored the significance of the highest level of employee engagement to drive tangible business outcomes for organizations worldwide. The revamped application is in line with our customer-centric vision to offer them top-notch services and personalized experiences. It will augment the organization’s communication and collaboration efforts to retain a competitive edge in the market,” said Mr. Prasad Rajappan, Prasad Rajappan, Founder&CEO, ZingHR.

The key revamped functions are as follows:


The menu has a standardized design and it can be accessed from any page. The search bar will be visible if there are more than 10 modules in the menu. Employees can exit the application by either logging out from the application or go to the logout button via settings. An Employee’s profile can be accessed and edited through this app. It also includes the attendance information on that particular day.


The app has an interactive chatbot called Captain Zingo which is now accessible to everyone. Captain Zingo can answer queries related to Time and Attendance, Rewards, Pending Actions, Leaves, Wishes, Help Desk, My Profile and much more. The revamped app now has a COVID-19 Tracker to report the hotspots in the vicinity of the employee’s location using GPS.

Punch In/ Punch-Out

There is a single button for both Punch In & Punch-Out button. If the employee has not Punched In for the day, the date and time of his/her last Punch In will be displayed. The last punch-in time will be considered as the punch-out time. The employee can also register his/her location for punching in.


This feature displays the summary of the employee’s attendance such as the number of absences, days on leave, number of half days and balance leaves. The ‘Quick filter’ tab can be used to see the attendance of a team member.


This feature will enable an employee to download his/her monthly and cumulative payslip by selecting the month and the financial year. The downloaded payslips can be opened or deleted from the device using the app. The ‘Earnings’ section will display the various sub-categories of earnings.

Rewards and Recognition

This module displays the number of smiles, badges and recognitions that have been achieved by an employee. The ‘Latest Activities’ tab displays the awards that an employee has awarded to his/her peer.


Help Desk shows all the issues that have been raised by an employee to a particular team. Tickets can be raised using the create option where the employee specifies the details of the problem. The ‘New Tickets’ tab displays all the tickets that have been received. The reopen option allows users to report the problem if it persists after the issue is resolved. The feature also allows the priority of tickets to be displayed. Each ticket is assigned a badge that displays the status of the ticket.

E-Separation module

Employees can resign using the E-Separation module. It shows the basic and attributes details of the employee. It allows the employee to fill in details such as Date of Joining, Separation Type, Intended Last Working day and much more. The HR and the reporting manager are required to approve the employee’s resignation. It also allows the employee to self-revoke his resignation that has to be approved by HR and the reporting manager.

ZingHR is a Global HR Software venture accelerated at Microsoft, with more than 350+ employees, 550+ customers and now a 1 Million Employee Records. It offers a complete solution of the end to end processes in HR through Artificial Intelligence, Machine and Deep Learning algorithms which helps to improve employee performance and drives a process efficiency in recruitment, offers ease of leave, attendance, payroll and claim management.

 ZingHR is one of the few global ventures which offers almost all web/mobile-based modules from Hire to Retire Solutions with a state-of-the-art tech supporting those applications. ZingHR’s USP is its focus on OUTCOMATION™ which aims at achieving Tangible and Measurable Business Outcomes Like Top Line, EBIDTA, People Efficiency, People Productivity. Some of the unassuming features like Zero-touch Payroll, AI/ML seamlessly integrated with Talent Acquisition. ZingHR primarily focuses on OUTCOMATION which technically means Outcome plus Automation. The biggest force is Driving Performance Culture and Delivering Business Outcomes.

If you are an Enterprise looking at a state of the art HRMS for your new normal, remote working employee workforce, feel free to connect with ZingHR.

ZingHR has had the privilege to partner with esteemed global and regional organizations like Microsoft, NIPM, CII, SHRM, NHRDN for adding value to its outreach program.

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