“Avneet Singh Marwah Unveils Kodak’s Grand Vision: Bigger, Better, and Smarter TVs Take Center Stage in 2024”

Avneet Singh Marwah

Avneet Singh Marwah, the Director and CEO of Super Plastronics Pvt. Ltd. (SPPL), has been instrumental in steering Kodak’s expansion in India’s consumer technology television market. With a keen focus on R&D and product development, he’s reshaping the brand’s trajectory to design, develop, and manufacture products within India. In this exclusive interview, Avneet elaborates on SPPL’s strategies, challenges, and upcoming innovations for 2024.

What are the primary focuses for the Smart TV segment in 2024?
In 2024, our emphasis is on introducing two major technologies in Q1 while targeting premium and larger-sized televisions. We’re shifting our attention away from the declining 32-inch TV segment, aiming instead for dominance in the 4K and QLED categories. Our objective is to establish Kodak as India’s leading 4K brand by capitalizing on the open space left by predominant Chinese and Korean brands in the FHD and HD segments. We seek to offer consumers accessible 4K technology without a substantial financial impact, aligning with our value proposition.

How does your strategic focus on 4K and QLEDs align with your competitiveness in the market?
Our focus remains robust on 4K and QLEDs, intending to be exceptionally competitive in these segments. Through aggressive pricing and the introduction of cutting-edge technology, we aim not only to compete but to surpass existing market leaders. Brands like Thomson, available exclusively on Flipkart, and Blaupunkt, initially launched on Flipkart and now extending to other platforms, have showcased impressive performances. Kodak, an integral player in the TV sector, has exhibited remarkable growth in online sales and witnessed an exponential surge in offline traction. Consequently, our primary focus for Kodak in 2024 will revolve around expanding our presence within the offline channel, further solidifying our market position.


Could you discuss challenges hindering the market growth in 2024?
While we currently have a 6% market share, aiming for 7-8% growth poses challenges due to the rise of unbranded TVs. These TVs flood the market due to factors like GST invasion and ongoing under-invoicing. They lead to misdeclarations and much cheaper options, causing disruptions. Government intervention is crucial to balance the market growth and address these issues.

Any upcoming innovations or new product lineups from SPPL in 2024?
Beyond TVs, we’re exploring diverse product categories for Kodak in 2024. We’re on the cusp of significant developments, with surprises in store. We’re also venturing into a substantial collaboration with a leading brand dominating the speaker market. This collaboration, not just in terms of units but also pricing strategies, promises something significant for consumers.

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